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VISOCO dbExpress Driver for Sybase (Linux version)

VISOCO dbExpress Driver for Sybase is a lightweight database driver that provide fast access between Kylix applications and Sybase database using...

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VISOCO dbExpress driver for Sybase SQL Anywhere Win32 1.2

VISOCO dbExpress driver for Sybase ASA provides direct high performance access to Sybase ASA database server. It works using Embedded SQL database...

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VISOCO dbExpress driver for Sybase ASA 2.0

Delphi 6 and Kylix 1 introduced dbExpress - a cross-platform, database-independent and an extensible interface that provides a set of methods for...

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ASADAC (Sybase ASA Direct Access Components) 2.5.1

ASADAC is Sybase SQL Anywhere BDE replacement for Delphi/C++Builder.

ASADAC allows to create Delphi/C++Builder applications with direct...


VISOCO dbExpress Driver for Sybase ASE 1.2.5

VISOCO dbExpress Driver for Sybase ASE is a lightweight database driver that provide fast access between Delphi/C++Builder applications and Sybase...


.htr IIS Security Issue

.htr IIS Security Issue is an article which guides the users or webmasters to protect their webpages hosted under Windows IIS 4.0 and 5.0. This...


Active Server Pages: Global.asa

A detailed information about Globla.asa can be gained from this ASP tutorial which will be more useful for the learners in ASP coding. The content...


ActiveLogFile performance

ActiveLogFile performance is a web based tutorial in which author discusses about analysing the performance of active log files in ASP application....


ASP active Visitor Counter V1.01 Scripts

ASP active Visitor Counter is a Macintosh compatible ASP code that will allow you to Count and Display the amount of visitors that are currently on...


ASP Server Outrage Reporter

ASP Server Outrage Reporter requires Hosting service account that includes NT/IIS, ASP support. You must have a directory that has write permission...


ASP The Global.asa file

It is clearly described on this ASP tutorial which describes the usage and functionalities of Global.asa. Explains that event handlers can be...


BUG: ASP Pages Fail on Access to Session and Application Objects

This ASP tutorial describes the problems when loading files from server which contains application and session variables. And reasons for this...


conquer chat 4.2.1

My HTML-based chat is programmed using ASP and you're able to download all needed documents from this page. If you want to set up a chat server on...


Controlling Web Applications Using the global.asa File

This is an article that can be used by the users to control web applications. Here the author elaborates that the global.asa is a file which is...


FGC WebChat 1.0

This script does not require a global.asa file and requires no special component to run. It does not require the user to constantly refresh the...


Free Active Server Counter .

With this script we will be able to know and show in our pages the number of active visitors in a given moment. The script has two parts: a file...


Free Simple Ad Rotator

Free simple Ad Rotator gives to visitors distinct ads each time they access a page from your server.The ad rotator system depends on three pages. A...



Those who need to know about Global.asa can go through this ASP tutorial for an easier understanding. And here it is clearly demonstrated on how...


Global.asa Reference

You will come to know in detail about Global.asa by learning this ASP tutorial that describes the contents of Global.asa in detail. Explains that...


Making the Switch From ODBC to OLE DB

The main objective of this online article is to show the speed and realiability of OLE DB. Switching from ODBC to OLE DB is the main theme...