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Arwordreport Pas

HotLog 2.0

HotLog.pas is a unit that defines THotLog, a multithreaded, object oriented, and buffered safe log file manager.v 2.0 adds the most wanted feature:...

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msacm.pas is the converted Delphi2 version of the msacm.h include to access the Microsoft(TM) audio compression manager DLL

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PAS Sitemanager 1.0

PAS Sitemanager is a website maintenance software with many enhanced features. It can be used by the webmasters to perform updating, adding or...


AesLib 1.1

AesLib.pas is a Delphi interface to the AES encryption routines fromBrian Gladman. Generating of a salt valuePassword verificationGenerating of...

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Adrock Source Code Finder Expert Aug98

The TAdrockSearchExpert is a utility designed to help you locate references of text in all of your .PAS files from the currently loaded project....

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Code Template 1.0

Code Template - expert for insert any code in pas unit, with define params (like: with %table% do...). Easy for install, easy for use.

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Path Protect For Delphi 1.00

Path Protect is the Ultimate Search Path Manager. Backup and Restore your Search Path with ease. Add Delete or Edit items in your search path using...

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GenPal 1.0

GenPal is a utility that will generate the most optimized palette for a bitmap with a limited no. of colors available. It generates Delphi Code (a...

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GraphicEx.pas version 9

This unit is an addendum to Graphics.pas to enable your application and the Delphi IDE to load many common image formats. Supported are currently...

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OpenGL Header File 1.2

This is the next version of OpenGL.pas, the interface unit to the 3D library OpenGL. It provides access to MS and SGI DLLs up to version 1.1 and is...

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Danish VCL string constants 1.0

Danish translation of consts.pas.

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German VCL string constants 1.1

This file contains the german translations for most of the string constants contained in CONSTS.PAS of Delphi 4. Useful if you have an english...

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ARWordReport 1.6

ARWordReport is easy-to-use and powerful report generation components that allows to you create different reports in Microsoft Word from your...

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Kanade's Appmodels - Sample applications in Delphi 1.2

Sample application code or templates in Delphi to demonstrate saving and restore of the application state in the Windows registry, handling the...

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Adrock Source Code Finder expert

The TAdrockSearchExpert is a utility designed to help you locate references of text in all of your .PAS files from the currently loaded...

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Borland Delphi Language Grammar 5

Borland Delphi Language Grammar for reading *.pas source files.

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TParamStream 1.3.1

TParamStream acts as an all-purpose buffer, which allows any type of data to be passed between 2 apps, an app and dll, or can be used as a FIFO...

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TAlLanguagesStore And TAlLanguager 1.02

Components for localization (language translation) of forms for large projects by automatically using conditional compiler directives...

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OEExplorer 1.0

This program will be useful for delphi developers as framework for their own programs that have to work with Outlook Express (Windows Mail) folders...

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PAS Generator 1

The PAS Generator is used for documenting and maintaining programmer's comprehension of a program.

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