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Array To String

Midori's Cryptography Component 1.I

An open source ActiveX component (works in ASP and .NET) that allows to encrypt/decrypt data through the Cast128-CBC and AES-CBC/128-256...


Tostring 1.0b

Converts Array to String. Very helpful and easy for use.


Comparing two sets of data

To check the availablity of array values within another array set is taught through this ASP learning course that describes the uses of VBscript's...


Generic BadLanguage Filter

The abused words in comments and message in ASP forms can be detected and replaced / deleted using the given array based string functions in...


Midori's ActiveX Objects 1.0

Midori's ActiveX Objects is a group of asp objects which provides individual functionalities for performing various task and this task can be...


PHP Input Filter 1.2.2001

I have tried to make this class as easy as possible to use. You have control over the filter process unlike other alternatives, and can input a...


toString v1.0b

toString is a very simple to use and tiny PHP script useful in converting an Array to a String value. The installation is very simple, no...


C# ArrayObject - Dynamic arrays for your C# projects 2.I

It is a web based application which helps the users by providing all the functionalities for creating arrays in various C# applications. It has...


Control To String

Control To String is a web based tutorial in which users can get an idea about method of converting controls into the string. In this tutorial...


Creating Next / Previous Buttons with PHP and MySQL

This is a tutorial which tells the users about the creation of dynamic navigation links using PHP and MySQL. The author provides information to the...


Encryption Algorithm Simulation Script

Encryption Algorithm Simulation Script is an useful javascript and is a handy tool for webmasters to protect their source and other content pages....


Froogle Feeder / Tab Delimited Froogle D

This simple php script uses an associative array to create a tab delimited froogle datafeed file. The most important part of this php script is the...


Implementing Multi-dimensional Arrays in JavaScript

A simple but an easier tutorial that describes how to implement multi-dimensional array to print out a set of same kind of data type. The...


Page Organiser

Simple really - this script uses the STYLE attribute, display: none, to hide/show elements on a page thus saving space. Headings can be clicked to...


PHP-RSS 0.91

A class to read and parse RSS 0.9 or 0.91 data. Does not require PHP to be built with XML libs/expat, but must have PCRE support. Stores parsed...


Split an array to many pages

Split an array to many pages is a PHP oriented tutorial tool that helps you to design your array based contents page on your PHP website. You can...


FltMath Unit

FltMath unit to help floating point math in Delphi. Provides access to rounding modes & exception mask. Implements approximate floating point...

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joda-convert 1.0

Small project providing conversions from Object to String and vice versa in Java.

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My Translation 0.4

Was optimized translation engine which used MySQL classes and PHP a array to translated complete PHP pages to predefined languages.

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Json to Excel 1.0

Java library that easily converts a Json array to Excel or CSV

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