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Aqua Button

CaptionButtons collection 3.3

The CaptionButton collection is the set of 5 useful components which may add an additional button on the form's title bar and menu item to the...


WinTopMost 1.1f

With WinTopMost desktop utility you can :

- manage automatically applications to be always visible on your desktop = topmost when running,...


TIAever Button 1.0

This is Button, which can has any form, caption at any angle at any point of button. Three type of animations could be used. Also it can be...

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TIAeverButtonPRO v 1.22

The Button:39 default forms + User defined form;9 Styles of Button Border;3 Styles of gradient fill;Multyline caption with 3 aligningGroup...

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Menu Related Speed Buttons 1.0.1

This unit contains a set of three speed button derived components that either display pop-up menus associated with the buttons or form connected...

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ML Button Components 1.6

Checkboxes and Radiobuttons with wordwrap and various text and button alignments.Contains TMLCheckBox, TMLRadioButton, TMLRadioGroup, TMLDBCheckBox...

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Caption Button 1.5

Additional, custom button on form's title. Exe-demo on

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AIButton 1.1

AIButton provides developers with an extended Windows Button component with new features for a stylish Microsoft Office or Vista look..

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Magento FB Referral 1.5

The magento extension when installed displays a Facebook Recommend Button F Recommend on the magento shopping cart page. A consumer who is adding...

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javascript "back" button 1.0

Its the same code that browsers use, so will work in any browser that has a back button.


More Information Button Process 1.0

This contribution adds a small button, like the buy now button, but instead says more info and links to the relevant product on the product...


checkout button in cart box 1.1

This very small mod puts a checkout button at the bottom of the shopping cart infobox.


Facebook 'Like' Button 2.3.0

Facebook Like button will automatically place the main product/category image and product/category name on the users Facebook wall but also will...

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Twitter 'Follow' Button

The MP Twitter Follow Button Extension for Magento enables site visitors and customers start following your Twitter account from any webpage in...

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Twitter 'Tweet' Button

Help your visitors share content and links on Twitter directly from shop pages with the Twitter Tweet button

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Button With Line Breaks in HTML

To get button with line breaks you can use carriage return characters to break the line

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Callback Widget 1.0

Callback Widget is a small but smart call-to-action tool that will boost your website conversions and help you generate more hot leads. After you...

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ThlSkinButton 1.1

ThlSkinButton is a skinnable VCL button component.

No doubt, there are already many implementations of skin buttons. I wrote this one to...


TIBEAntialiasButton 1.2

TIBEAntialiasButton is a graphical button with an antialias property which allows smoother integration in the userinterface. It inherits from...


TPDJScrollers 1.50

Components TPDJScroller and TPDJScrollBar.Features:FlatStyleColors for Band, Button and ThumbMultiLine HintProperty OnClick for scroll buttonsShow...