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ActiveX data-binding - handle images as easily as conventional data types - Optimize image quality, compression, application performance, bandwidth...

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Caching Oracle Data for ASP.NET Applications

Caching Oracle Data for ASP.NET Applications is an ASP tutorial in which author elaborates about the data caching technique which can enhance the...


Expand XSL with extensions

Most developers are not utilizing the combined power of XML and XSL for representing, manipulating, and presenting data over the Web and sharing...


Invisionix Roaming System IM 0.1

Invisionix Roaming System IM is a mobile instant messaging program that interacts with ICQ, MSN, AIM and yahoo IM's. This program has several...


phUploader 1.I

phUploader is a PHP based file manipulation program which is useful for uploading your files and images to a web server for temporary file storage...


SharedObjects in Flash MX

Shared Object is a new features of Flash MX. It is a contraption designed to allow local storage of data required by a user on that user's system....


Softerra PHP Developer Library 1.5.2003

Softerra PHP Developer Library is simple set of function library that consists of different modules like 'SAL', 'SQLCompose' 'SQL storage class'...


Xao Foundation Server 1.IV

The XAO Foundation Server can be used on its own or with The XAO Web Developer and other XAO modules and helps the user to develop dynamic web...


FreeSQL - SQL over Freenet 1.0

FreeSQL is an attempt to build a SQL layer for Freenet, so that you can use Freenet as the storage component for SQL-based applications.


Smyle 0.8.3

SMYLE is the Storage that Makes Your Life Easier: a versatile, highly reliable, high performance, convenient, transactional, cross-platform...

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Nanobase 1.0.0

A simple, reliable object store for rapid prototyping and applications that have minimal ongoing storage requirements.

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plexian rc

Storage Java library for autocomplete fields in Ajax applications.

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Xml10n 2005.11.25

Xml10n is a set of Delphi/Kylix components and tools for run-time localization of applications GUI, using XML files as resource strings storage and...

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Opoo Apps for Java 1.0

A set of Java utilities, including generic DAO interface, cache, file storage, AOP tools and some other open source applications.

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HomeWeb Starter Kit 2.0

The combined HomeWeb software and service allow you to send commands to your computers from over the internet. Run command-driven applications and...

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EaseClouds Virtual File System SDK

Cloud-based completed virtual file system integrates cloud files with the local file system.Best Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Solution,zero...

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Twebupdate 1.1

TWebUpdate v1.1 : Delphi 3,4,5 & C++Builder 3,4,5Description:Automatic application updates via Internet, IntranetFeatures :Automatically check for...

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NoteBase Data Manager 1.5

Notebase is the latest in Document storage and distribution. Count the times you have searched for a document through that mangled tree structure...

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TMS Instrumentation Workshop 1.4

TMS Instrumentation Workshop is a library full of components, methods and routines enabling you to create professional looking instrumentation and...

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TPlanner / TDBPlanner for CLX 1.6

Planner component for interactive scheduling applications. Items that can be resized / repositioned, multiline editable, multiple imagelist images,...

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