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Applications Samsung Tocco Lite

AtlantForum Lite 4.II

AtlantForum Lite is a simple message as well as discussion board with which users can post discussions for topics, reply for the topics, join an...


mCore Lite - ActiveX SMS Component 1.VI

mCore Lite is a robust and easy-to-use component that will enable your desktop or web based applications for 2-way SMS. It can be used with any...


mCore Lite - SMS Component 1.VI

mCore Lite is a robust and easy-to-use component that will enable your desktop or web based applications for 2-way SMS. It can be used with any...


Midgard Lite 0.8.2

Midgard Lite is a simple script based on php and is a content management framework which allows users for creating websites. Lite distribution...


Web Integrator Lite 1.0 Beta

Web Integrator Lite is a web content managing tool which is designed using PHP script. It is suitable for all kind of ecommerce applications....


XStandard Lite - XHTML 1.1 WYSIWYG Editor (FREE) 1.0

XStandard Lite is an ActiveX plug-in designed to be integrated into browser or Windows-based content management systems. Once integrated, it...


Metadefender Lite 1.5.62

Metadefender Lite provides application developers with an easy way to integrate ClamAV detection engine into their applications to perform real...

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Quick PDF Library Lite 7.18

Quick PDF Library Lite is a completely free PDF SDK you can use to convert images to PDF, add links to the web, get and set document properties,...

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stupidGUI library 1.0

stupidGUI is a lite tool for u to create gui applications use c++ under win32.


Janus Symbian Engine 1.0

Janus Symbian Engine is a local http server (for Flash Lite) for Smartphones (S60), which allows developers to create engaging Flash Lite...

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Twebupdate 1.1

TWebUpdate v1.1 : Delphi 3,4,5 & C++Builder 3,4,5Description:Automatic application updates via Internet, IntranetFeatures :Automatically check for...

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C3-Lock Lite

C3-Lock Lite is a highly sophisticated password protection and user management system written in Perl and using MySQL database backend capable of...

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TMS Instrumentation Workshop 1.4

TMS Instrumentation Workshop is a library full of components, methods and routines enabling you to create professional looking instrumentation and...

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TPlanner / TDBPlanner for CLX 1.6

Planner component for interactive scheduling applications. Items that can be resized / repositioned, multiline editable, multiple imagelist images,...

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TMS TodoList & TDBTodoList 1.2.4

- Ready to use TodoList and DB-aware TodoList for PIM applications- Features : subject, completion, priority, status, resource, notes, category,...

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FKeys 1.1

This little program lets you take control over your F-Keys in order to run your favourite applications. Put a path to this program in your...

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XStandard XHTML WYSIWYG Editor 1.2

ActiveX WYSIWYG editor for content management systems. Gives clean XHTML 1.1 with no deprecated tags, without code clean-up routines. Uses CSS....

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SSuite Classic Office 1.0

Full version of SSuite Classic Office. Contains the following Applications:E-mailMy Web Browser ProSSuite Personal OfficeSpreadsheet - MDI - ( With...

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lcGRID 0.1

Here you find the following free components for applications using grids: Basic grid with following features: Pan...

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HTMLHint 1.3.5

Gives your applications HTML formatted hints. Features:Rounded hintsHints with gradient backgroundEllipsis text in hintsVarious image formats :...

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