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Applications Of Tree In Data Structure

Python Octree Implementation 1.0

This script is a simple implementation of an octree data structure in python.


Creating dynamic data structures

Creating dynamic data structures is an easy to understand tutorial in which author describes the process of generating dynamic data structure to...


VIRT language interpreter

Interpreter of the VIRT programming language. VIRT is general purposesobject-oriented programming language which provides the new technology of the...

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Manager4j 1.0

Java Preferences editor and JNDI browser application built upon an SWT application framework that simplifies the creation of tools for the...

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An Overview in Combining XML Data With XSL Within ASP

In this tutorial the author demonstrates on using XML data in ASP by using XSL. This tutorial explains the role of XML in data transmitting and...


Japos Compare File

The program Japos Compare File is intended for checking and statement of changes in data files, text etc. The program is especially intended for...

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OneTwoTrie 1.0

A implementation of the Trie data structure with java random access files and regular expression queries.


Quick and easy FIFO queue class 1.1

Quick and easy FIFO queue class is an easy First-In-First-Out queue class based on Python's List data structure.


Priority dictionary 1.0

This data structure acts almost like a dictionary, with two modifications: First, D.


Union Find data structure 1.0

This script implements the Union Find data structure and algorithm.


PhpToXml 1.0

A small group of php classes designed to assist you in the creation of XML in PHP.


An Extensive Examination of Data Structures

An Extensive Examination of Data Structures is an article which describes general tree data structure, what is nodes and binary search tree. From...


ASP Tree View 3.0.0

This program can be used by the users in building a tree menu like structure for the data contents. It will be of much use for navigation purpose...


AspGrid 3.I

AspGrid is an ASP based database tool which can be integrated in the users website. This tool gives full control over the database in the ASP...


CFX_JSpellCheck 1

CFX_JSpellCheck allows ColdFusion developers to build custom front ends (or use the supplied front end) for checking spelling in web applications....


dhtmlxTree - Full Featured JavaScript Tree 1.I

dhtmlxTree is a JavaScript navigation component that helps to create a tree-based navigation system and put large amount of data in hierarchical...


PureTest 3.0

PureTest can implement testing of functions in project development. It is can test various applications and also can debug and snoop web...


XML Viewer 2.0

XML Viewer is a Java application that enables us to view XML data from different perspectives such as the source of the XML, the DTD for the XML,...


ZBit B+Tree 1.I

ZBit B+Tree is an ASP web based online database component which can be integrated into users website to collect the data in database with the help...



Fasttext is a tool to create and manage texts and parts of text in a easy way. Because of its OLE-capability you can also use graphics and...

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