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Application Projects For Ug Final

Exception Management Application Block for .NET

Exception Management Application Block for.NET is an article which explains you about how to handle the expections in .NET using exception...


TrueDesk 2.1.2000

TrueDesk is a web-based groupware application suite for Unix and Windows servers that enables your company to offer web-based e-mail access and...


Habanero 2.3.1

An Enterprise Application Framework for .Net that produces an agile application from the data layer through to the front-end. Free open source...

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openEF/J 1.0

openEF/J is an enterprise application framework for Java/J2EE projects.


Trinity Sensor Monitor Application 1.0

This is a sensor monitoring application for the final project of an Object Oriented Programming course.


UmlFramework 1.0

UmlFramework is an application framework for PHP5 projects.


TMailSlot 1.0

A mailslot is a mechanism for one-way interprocess communications (IPC).An application written for Microsoft® Windows® can store messagesin...

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nTierIt Application Framework

Developing client/server and multi-tier applications can be a time-consuming process. With nTierIt Application Framework for Delphi, however,...

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Insanely Simple Blog 0.5

Insanely Simple Blog is a simple blog application made for anyone.


Job Tracker Application for Job Seekers 0.1.8

Tracker Application for Job Seekers script is an organizer application written for Ruby on Rails.


HotWork 1.0

HotWork is an intelligent distribution of over 15 Open Source projects for Java developers.


BadBeatle 0.1beta

Bug tracking PHP application, intended to enable final users to report and track bugs or issues, allowing managers to open/assign this bugs to...

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1003Secure 1.0

An online application created for mortgage companies to accept loan applications online. This software was created to look just like the real 1003...


20/20 Realtor 2.0

20/20 Realtor is a web-based database application designed for small and medium sized Real Estate firms. It enables you to publish and maintain...


6.0 CF Calendar Application

This is a powerful application used for storing and displaying events and easily integrated into any cold fusion application. It provides a monthly...


AC e-Garage Sale System

Ac e-Garage Sale System is an application meant for the garage sale market, where there are not much solutions to assist this markets.This...


ActivXperts Socket (Winsock) Component 2.0

ActivSocket can be used to automate Telnet sessions. ActivSocket can automate these Telnet sessions, hiding passwords and specific configuration...


ALOV Map 0.57

This java application is for publication vector and raster maps to Internet and interactive viewing on web browsers. It provides hyperlink and it...


Application Object Explained

From this online tutorial, you will be able to enable the content on your ASP application to be shared with all users simply by invoking the...


Archiweb - Architecture Projects CMS pre-alpha

Archiweb will provide a CMS for managing architecture information and drawings, and viewing projects for selling them. This is a very good CMS for...