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Application Object Library

Application Log Library for Delphi 6

Application Log library provides classes and procedures that simplify building and maintaining application log files.The library includes thread...

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A Real-World Example of Caching Data in the Application Object

From this article you will able to understand the limitation of using database for storing web content and the effectiveness of application-level...


Access ASP Application object from a remote script

Access ASP Application object from a remote script is a tutorial that elaborates and guides users to utilize ASP application object from other...


Application Object

More details on Application Object is provided on this ASP tutorial which will be of great use for those who want to learn ASP objects to access...


ASP Application Object

A clear overview on ASP Application Object is provided in this tutorial which also describes it's usage to retrieve and store application...


The Application Object

An useful tutorial for the ASP learners to gain knowledge in ASP objects and learn in detail about Application object. Describes that using it's...


Object Library Documentation Project 1.0

The Object Library Documentation Project defines standards and utilities for creating documentation structures for object models and packages like...


Rapid Application Development Library b.2.12.0

radlib is a rapid application development library for unix multi-process applications.

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Oracle Application Framework Library 1.0

The Oracle application framework library is a collection of standard, proven frameworks to assist developers in quickly turning out some quality...

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Application Object Explained

From this online tutorial, you will be able to enable the content on your ASP application to be shared with all users simply by invoking the...


Window Object Library - WOLGUI 1010

Window Object is a Library for windowed programming in Free Pascal Compiler under Win32 and GTK.

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C++ Standard Airline IT Object Library 1.00.1

That project aims at providing a clean API, and the corresponding C++ implementation, for the basis of Airline IT Business Object Model (BOM), ie,...

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Application Support Library 1.0

A library for Java applications.


Hitsoft XML Object Library 1.0.17

This library allows to read/write XML documents into objects using RTTI (run-time type information).

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Hitsoft SQL Object Library rc

Database access library that allows to user to use typed DB Metadata objects while building SQL requests.

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HttpApplication Class and the ASP.NET Application Object

It is a web based tutorial in which the author narrates about the use of HttpApplication class of ASP.NET. The author shows how to define a class...


PHPol (PHP Object Library) 1.0

The project aims to help developer's of other OO based languages to (comfortably) start using PHP.


PMVCLite Web Application Framework 1

PMVCLite (abbreviation of PHP Model-View-Controller Lite) is a lightweight and powerfull generic object-oriented web application framework library

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Beginners in ASP programming can gain more useful information about Application object and it's methods so that to utilize them along with ASP...


Application Contents Collection

It is clearly described in this tutorial that Contents collection of Application Object holds all items that are available in the ASP application...