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Application Object Library

PMVCLite Web Application Framework 1

PMVCLite (abbreviation of PHP Model-View-Controller Lite) is a lightweight and powerfull generic object-oriented web application framework library

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XooTools 0.1

XooTools is a Mootools derivative and convenience object library for the XUL application platform.

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Application Log Library for Delphi 6

Application Log library provides classes and procedures that simplify building and maintaining application log files.The library includes thread...

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Recount Poll 0.5.3

Recount is a polling application and library written in PHP and released under the terms of the GPL.


A Real-World Example of Caching Data in the Application Object

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Access ASP Application object from a remote script

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Application Contents Collection

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Application Object

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Application StaticObjects Collection

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This tutorial deals with ASP Application Object where it demonstrates the usage of Lock method to protect the application variables that are...



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ASP Application Object

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Database Connection Through VBScript Classes Part 1

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Display the number of Active Users on your website

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How To Store Data in Application Scope by Using ASP.NET and Visual Basic .NET

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IApplicationObject Interface

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Increase Web Service Performance

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Learn to handle page and request state information in ASP.NET

Learn to handle page and request state information in ASP.NET is an article where users can find information about the request state and page state...


Maintaining State

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