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Application For Samsung Corby Text

Datadump 1.0

Datadump is an application for Creating DataDump Text File Along With SQL Script [Insert Statements] From Any Accessible SQL Server Database For...

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MyBrushes for Mac 1.5.0

MyBrushes is an unique painting application which supports drawing, text input and instant image processing. It can playback the whole painting...

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AspCal is a calendar application for Microsoft IIS -based web servers that run Active Server Pages. AspCal is intended for workgroup use, that is...


DS FadeToStars -Flash

DS FadeToStars is a simple and powerful application which is useful for the web designers for displaying text over the star effect. You can use...


DS Stars

This is an useful web based application for the web developers to add the star effect in their web sites. You can display any text that moves...


dtSearch Engine

dtSearch Engine is an .NET based online search application for searching text on the database. This tools provides instant searching of vast...


Filester project, File manager

Webmasters can use this highly secure application for their users which offers a web interface which allows the users to create new files or...


Iview Album 1.0

Iview Album is a powerful image viewer built with PHP. This PHP application is supported by text files and enables you to view images of the...


Lucene 1.00

Lucene can be used in your web pages to implement a search engine. It caters to any application that requires full-text search, especially...


Protopad 2.5.2005

Protopad is Windows compatible. ProtoPad is essentially a WYSIWYG rich text editor similar to Hotmail's or Yahoo's, and is designed primarily for...


Labels for Windows 3.1

Application for design and print labels, visit cards, price tickets with text, images, logos, barcodes......

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StreamSecs TDocs Component 1.1

The TDocs component is a container for multiple RTF text files, which are stored in the code of the application EXE. At StreamSec we use TDocs on...

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EXtended Real-time Intranet Chat 1.0.9

xIRC is an application for Local Area Networks. xIRC gives to users the posibillity to chat quickly with virtually no configurations. Just simply...

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HTML Hex Color Code Picker 971230.4

This program allows you to pick a color from a drop down list or from a color dialog box and convert it to HEX. A neat application for HTML coders...

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Arabic Text Typing Toolbox 1.0

A simple yet integrated application to provide support for using Arabic text in applications that don't support it.


Auvai Text to Speech 1.0

Auvai is a Java API and Java Swing based application for Text to Speech conversion of Unicode Tamil.


wxCocoaDialog 1.0

wxCocoaDialog is an multi-platform port of the CocoaDialog application for OS X, that allows the use of common GUI controls such as file selectors,...


Merlin RTF-to-HTML/HTML-to-RTF Converter 1.0

A C++/Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) software application for converting RTF to HTML and HTML to RTF text formats.


Virtual News Reader 1

Virtual News Reader is a computer desktop application that can convert text (idealy for online news) into Virtual Voice and can be saved on computer.

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BPConferenceReporting - Reporting Web Application

BPConferenceReporting is a web-based application for management of reporting of conferences, meetings, courts etc.

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