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Application For Samsung Corby Text

Job Tracker Application for Job Seekers 0.1.8

Tracker Application for Job Seekers script is an organizer application written for Ruby on Rails.


Web Application for CDROM Management 1.0

Web application for managing CDROM library including file, track, indexing and searching; lending and user management.


A-Forum ISAPI application for MS IIS web server III.21

Webmasters can easily design an interactive online discussion board using this ISAPI application and it is mainly designed for MS IIS servers. This...


Structuring a .NET Application For Easy Deployment

.NET provides more flexibility in installation process. But it mainly depends upon the planning and designing of the user's application which is...


zaPro - z Application for Project 1.0

zaPro is a Project Management application used to manage the Software development life cycle from Requirements collection to testing.


Datadump 1.0

Datadump is an application for Creating DataDump Text File Along With SQL Script [Insert Statements] From Any Accessible SQL Server Database For...

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MyBrushes for Mac 1.5.0

MyBrushes is an unique painting application which supports drawing, text input and instant image processing. It can playback the whole painting...

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Labels for Windows 3.1

Application for design and print labels, visit cards, price tickets with text, images, logos, barcodes......

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Arabic Text Typing Toolbox 1.0

A simple yet integrated application to provide support for using Arabic text in applications that don't support it.


Auvai Text to Speech 1.0

Auvai is a Java API and Java Swing based application for Text to Speech conversion of Unicode Tamil.


BPConferenceReporting - Reporting Web Application

BPConferenceReporting is a web-based application for management of reporting of conferences, meetings, courts etc.

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smct tests server for teachers 1.0

Client/Server application for teachers and students school.

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6.0 CF ListServ Application 6.0

This is a powerful ListServ application for creating and maintaining email lists. It is very portable and easy to integrate into any Cold Fusion...


Callback Application

Webmasters can uilize this application for communicating with their site visitors easily. This script allows the visitors to ask the user to call...


CF ListServ Application 6.0

This is a powerful ListServ application for creating and maintaining email lists. This is high portable. This can be intergrated to any Cold Fusion...


Color Text Scroller

Color Text Scroller can be used in your web pages to enhance the scrolling look with colorful features. Each and every message can be of different...


Creating a Text Box Server Control with Color Highlighting

Creating a Text Box Server Control with Color Highlighting is an article through which you can learn how to develop a custom text box control which...


Email Validation Component for .NET 1.0

Email Validation Component for .NET is an ASP.NET email application for validating email addresses from the users input. This program perform...


Jobs Web Application 3.0

Employment web application for recruiters or human resources department. Complete application to manage candidates and employers. Candidates submit...


MetaCart2 for PayPal 1.0

MetaCart2 for PayPal is a full-featured ASP-based catalog and shopping cart application for small businesses and developers who want to use the...