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App S For Samsung Delve

XUI RIA Framework 1.5

XUI is a Java and XML RIA platform for building smart app's.

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Banner Rotator 1.0

Add free or paid banner advertising on your site. Users create their own account and can retrieve and reset stats for impressions and clickthru's...


Exam9 Online exams

This is an online tests and quizzes program written in CFML containing web based software modules for organizing online tests for students. You can...


Javascript complete popup controller

From this tutorial you will come to know how to make use of javascript in creating web based dynamic popup's for your webpages with scroll bars and...


Open Reference Management 0.5.1

This Servlet/JSP based database application is ideal for researchers from the academic and business field. This can be used to manage research...


PageXchanger 1.II

PageXchanger is an useful site security software that provides clean and simple URL's for all your web pages to get displayed on the source code...


Real AdTracker Lite 1.I

Real AdTracker Lite is Linux compatible. Powerful tool for tracking hits by using different URL's for each ad campaign.


STMAAF Affiliate

STMAAF Affiliate is a flexible affiliate software with which shoppiong cart owners and sellers would be able to increase their website traffic and...


Web Page Generator ?

Web Page Generator is multi-platform compatible. Make HTML pages instantly with this code generator. Follow the steps below to create web pages...


AlphaControls 3.46

Package of standard and unique skinable VCL's for professional UI design development with AlphaSkins using. It is an easy-to-use universal and...

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Power Search 1.0

Power Search finds files inside the archive files on your system. Which means you can not only find files that hide inside a compressed archive...

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FileTrackker 2.18 b1544

FileTrackker allows users to monitor selected directories on their pc's for any file changes create, delete, modify, attribute, date time), and...

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Version Info Add-in 1.0.0

An add-in to the Windows context menu. Upon installation, when you right-click one or more files containg a version number an additional menu item...

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AAA Print Preview ActiveX Control 1.40

AAA Print Preview ActiveX is free and open source. It's small, fast, easy to use and very reliable. It's for developers of VC, VB, VFP, Delphi, C++...

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MoleBox allows you to link all the files your application requires into a single exe file. When packed with Molebox, your app's media and data...

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PSUDF is a multi-platform library of UDF's for Firebird.


IceTea 1.0

IceTea allows you to convert your old PSX CD's for use in the Sony PSP system.

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Remote Debug System 1.0

Desktop interface and various language API's for remote application debugging.

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TiVo Utilities 1.0

An assortment of utilities to aid those who have "hacked" their TiVo's for shell access.

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Readable Lisp S-expressions 0.6.0

This project is dedicated to developing more readable format(s) for Lisp-based languages (such as Common Lisp and Scheme) and implementing those...

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