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Api Mullti Client Im

Swift App Framework for Java 1.0

an API for rapidly developing Java, desktop apps It includes a virtual desktop ,user interface API, GUI client for management of SQL databases,and...

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GWT Reflection

GWT Reflection give ability for GWT Developers to use reflection API on client side (browser side) of GWT Aplication.

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rijuMethods 1.0

RijuMethods is a generic framework for J2EE application development.


Bopup IM Client SDK 1.0.0

Bopup IM Client Software Development Kit (SDK) is a toolkit for Windows platform that provides documentation, samples and COM components for...

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DB Api client 0.1

Db Api client is a simple Python DB Api v2.

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Java IRC Client API 1.0

A basic java IRC API

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Mail Client API for Oracle PL/SQL 0.932

In the Oracle database there are two PL/SQL APIs to send mails: UTL_SMTP and UTL_MAIL.

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OPCWare Client Developer

Essential suite of OPC client components used by hundreds of engineers and developers worldwide. Delphi and C++ Builder users can easily use it to...

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Sybase Open Client CT-Lib Components Pack v 2.7.0

A set of native Delphi components that connect to Sybase and SQLAnywhere using the Open Client CT-Library and CS-Library API's. These components...

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Open Client CT-Lib Component Pack 2.4.7

A set of native Delphi components that connect to Sybase and SQLAnywhere using the Sybase Open Client CT-Library and CS-Library API's. The set...

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preCharge Secure Client

The preCharge Secure API is a free windows client for your desk, providing direct access to the secure api and giving you the most...

1.1 MB Javascript Live Chat Support from your IM's brings live chat support to everyone by connecting your webpage and your chat client. Messages from your website's visitors are received as...

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A collaborative project for creating an Application Programming Interface (API) Client and Server that supports Representational state transfer...


PHP adCenter API 0.2

A Client Library for building adCenter applications in PHP using the API.

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Clam AntiVirus Client Library 1.0

Clam AntiVirus Client Library provides a simple API to the ClamAV daemon.


MySXP Client terminal COM ActiveX 1.0

MySXP Client: Is an ActiveX COM Microsoft Windows platform; The objective of this Component is to create a terminal service for a wide open server...


Visual Age to CVS client 0.38

VAJ2CVS tool -- Integrated Client for CVS controled Source for the VisualAge for Java Product from IBM, using the VAJ tools API

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Peachy MediaWiki Bot API 1.0

Peachy is an API used by client-side PHP programs, such as bots, used to interact with a MediaWiki site.


livejournal API rc

Java API for LiveJournal: XML-RPC services, http client, *.

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