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Api For Msn Search

Java-Sitemapper 1.0

The Java-Sitemapper is a Java API for building sitemap files to improve search indexing on Google, Yahoo!

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advanced Statistical Hit Counter. 1.01

Description: The Advanced Statistical counter collects info from your users, like country of origin, google/yahoo/altavista/msn search engine...


PDFTextStream v1.1

PDF v1.5 Support / PDFTextStream supports all versions of the PDF document specification, including v1.5 (used by Adobe Acrobat 6). We are...


Etv Rich Edit 3.3

TEtvDBRichEdit. Transparent (record-by-record) search and replacing, i.e. it can process from record to record, dialog for it. Search and replacing...

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AddWeb Website Promoter 6.14.1

AddWeb is a complete suite of website promotion tools. It submits your web pages to the search engines (Over 600,000 engines, directories and link...

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JxCapture is a cross-platform library that provides a comprehensive Java screen capture API for Java applications. You can capture any graphic...

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JxFileWatcher is a cross-platform library that provides convenient Java API for monitoring file system events. It is available for Windows, Linux...

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JExplorer provides a convenient Java API for integrating Microsoft Internet Explorer into Java applications as a Java Swing UI component in...

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OsCommerce Search Engine Friendly URLs 1.0

Have you ever wondered how to optimize your osCommerce website links for the search engines?


Simple Genetic Algorithm API 1.0

Simple Genetic Algorithm is an API for programming simulations that implement a genetic algorithm.


Java Local Database for Mobile 1.0

The project developing as a API for j2me platform.


Subst9x 1.0

API for work with substitution device (see DOS command "subst"). Win9x ONLY. For WinNT and Win2000 use native API



GDI+ is a new graphics subsystem for Windows and provides a new set of graphics APIs for rendering 2D graphics, images, and text. GDI+ is the only...



1-Click is a time saving search program that searches selected multiple search engines by a single click. It has facilities for boolean search...


1-Search I.70

1-Search is a website search engine where users can search the websites. This program creates results page, all the forms and help pages by itself....


A4Desk III.50

This is a software which provides webmasters an one stop solution in creating flash menu system for their flash website. It is a flash template...


AdCenter 2000 3.III

AD Center 2000 is a perl oriented tool that helps the webmasters to allow their members to use any number of banners in banner exchange module....


Add Javascript Search Engine

Follow a few simple steps and have a customized code generated for your search box and search result pages. there is no cvxx logo if you want


Adding a search facility to your website

Adding a search facility to your website is a web based article through which users can get idea about how to generate indexing services in the...


ap4j ( for Java) 1.0

This a program that comes with which users can have a java API for searching through Web Service. This program manages all the...