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Api Folder Or Directory Password In Java

Java Version Checker 1.0

The Version Checker Tool traverses the given folder or directory and groups the found classes by java major and minor version.

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FTLS Random Image Displayer 1.0

FTLS Random Image Displayer is a script written using Perl program. With this script you can change or rotate the images or background texture...


JIPC 1.0

JIPC will be an API for inter-process communication in Java.


ZBNF-parser 1.00

* Java classes for parsing text, conversion to XML or to evaluate in Java.

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Java Transactional Memory Support API 1.0

An API which can be used in java programs to add transactional memory support.


Download4J 1.0

Download4J is a download system written in java. This component includes servlet and JavaBean and can be integrated in any JSP or servlet...


SMSWriter 2.I

SMSWriter can be used to write multiple flash and report messages and also editing of phone directory. This is the first SMS/Phonebook software...



JxCapture is a cross-platform library that provides a comprehensive Java screen capture API for Java applications. You can capture any graphic...

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Hook API SDK 1.12

Hook API SDK is a Software Development Kit for easy and quickly develop Windows system wide hooking program. It helps you hooking Windows system...

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FAQ Publisher

The FAQ Publisher is a simple and easy to use script which is designed to create an online FAQ page on your website with unlimited questions and...


iDC File Manager 1.II

iDC File Manager is a web based remotely Hosted software which is specially designed for the print industry people. This useful application helps...


Link Exchange PHP 4.0

PHP and MySQL Database Driven Script / Totally automated sign-up and code generation software. Members simply choose their username and password,...


Quedo - web-based file manager/sharing 1.1.2000

Quedo - web-based file manager/sharing is a multi-platform compatible script that puts on your web server a password-protected area where people...


verveJZip 1.III

VerveJZip is a ColdFusion custom tag (Java CFX) written in Java that adds zip functionality to any web application project. VerveJZip is ideally...


VirtuallyFit 4.4.2003

This applet is fully written in java. This applet can be used in your web pages to implement a virtual fitting tool with which a background target...


TestMachine 3.0

TestMachine a GUI test development and execution framework for mobile apps, allows reproducible test runs by preparing the app and the test...

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Java Motion Tracking API 1.0

Java API for tracking moving objects in live or pre-recorded video.


TreeSize 3.33

Every hard disk is too small if you just wait long enough. TreeSize Free tells you where precious space has gone to. TreeSize Free can be started...

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VBA Recovery 2007

VBA Recovery is a password recovery tool for VBA modules embedded in Word and Excel documents. You can use VBA Recovery to crack lost or forgotten...


DHMTLX JavaPlanner 1.0

DHTMLX JavaPlanner is an Ajax-powered web control for Java. It allows creating rich-featured attractive event calendars, time planners, job...

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