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Api Delete Lock Folder

Delete A Folder With ASP

Delete A Folder With ASP is an easy to understand article dealing on the the concepts of removing certain folders from the hard drive directories....



HSPNotes is a simple online message board designed to implement online discussion campaign on their websites. Using this board users will be able...


Online Briefcase

Create folders online to store documents, images and other files. Administrator can configure default per user disk space. In addition, he / she...


Sinapse 2.0

A new kind of blog that features counters on posts to measure their popularity, a module system for easy features expansion, an archive center,...


Max Folder Secure

Max Folder Secure is a security tool that lets you lock/hide your files, folders with your personal password. Locking your files, folders is the...

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Check Identical Files 2.10

This utility checks your hard drives for annoying duplicate files and provides an easy means to delete them, saving you megabytes of precious disk...

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JxFileWatcher is a cross-platform library that provides convenient Java API for monitoring file system events. It is available for Windows, Linux...

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Shell MegaPack.WPF 2012

Shell MegaPack.WPF brings advanced Windows Explorer-like file & folder browser UI to your app. It supports identical Thumbnail,Details...

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Shell MegaPack.Net 2012

Shell MegaPack.Net brings advanced Windows Explorer-like file & folder browser UI to your app in just a couple of seconds. It supports identical...

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Shell MegaPack ActiveX 2012 released 2012

Shell MegaPack ActiveX brings advanced Windows Explorer-like file & folder browser UI to your app in just a couple of seconds. It supports...

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Delenda 2.4

Delenda automates old files deletion in a set of folders (trees) or move them to other folders when they reach a certain age.

You can set...


@1 Auto Delete II II

Schedule this tool to automatically delete files from your server by file extension, folder, or age.


Aplomb Poll 0.9

A powerful poll management script with an admin panel. Create as many polls as you wish, and edit, lock, and delete them.


ASP Security Notes

ASP Security Notes is a security issue article for the webmasters and the web owners to overcome the problem and guides them to troubleshoot the...


aspNetIMAP 1.0

aspNetIMAP is an web email application with IMAP protocal to manage emails present on the mail server. This program provide various...


AWS FilePicker 2.I

A ASP.Net Web control that lets users navigate through a folder on the server and select a file. The user can also upload files, create folders,...


Cf_filemanager 2.0

CFFileManager is a Coldfusion custom tag that facilitates manipulation of files and folders in any application. It allows you to browse a folder,...


Cf_filemanager V2.0 2.0

NOW CROSS BROWSER!! Mozilla, Netscape, Internet Explorer!! CF_FileManager is the first ever file and folder management component allowing you to...


cjgExplorer 2.0b

A webbased file explorer. The user can navigate the folder tree under the configured root. On each folder, the user can view, copy, delete, move,...


DVD-list 1.0

A simple script to maintain a DVD list. Allows you to add/delete/edit entries and includes column sorting, automatic links, and a file lock for...