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Api Communication

Windows Standard Serial Communications Library for Delphi 4.0

MarshallSoft Delphi serial communication component library (DLL) for serial port communications. Uses the standard Windows API to communicate with...

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Screen OCR SDK Library 5.5

Programmers' library that allows capturing text from Windows screen, under the control of another program. Use it to capture text from any...

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SuperCom Suite - A data Communication Library

The SuperCom Suite enables the development of mixed data communication applications (e.g. RS232 and TCP/IP) using one API.

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DevPower FTP.NET 1.2.2000

DevPower FTP.NET is a .NET application file transfer component by which the users can easily and quickly transfer their data to other systems with...


JET Net 0.91

JET Net is a collection of packages of the Java API for communication over standard internet protocols. This application supports HTTP with full...


phpSmartIRCclass 0.5.5

A class for communication with IRC networks that conforms to the RFC 2812 (IRC Protocol). Designed for creating IRC bots or chats, it handles the...


Redfoot 0.9.1

This is a framework written for distributed RDF-based applications. It includes a RDF database a query API for RDF with numerous higher-level query...


RTextPrinter Beta 1.0

This program will help you to print documents in a text mode and enables you to design the printed reports the way you wish. You can set font...


Serial Communication ActiveX 3.0

Serial Communication ActiveX helps your application to avoid complex Windows API functions for serial port communication. Serial Communication...


SmartIRC 0.5.5

SmartIRC is a PHP class (soon also for C#) for communication with IRC networks, which conforms to the RFC 2812 (IRC). It\'s an API that handles all...


SMSWriter 2.I

SMSWriter can be used to write multiple flash and report messages and also editing of phone directory. This is the first SMS/Phonebook software...


SocketWrench 3.VI

Designed for the professional software developer, SocketWrench 4.0 is optimized for 32-bit platforms and includes an ActiveX control, standard...


TConnector ActiveX

This is a communication application where the users have the ability to access data from any devices. This program can pass the incoming data with...


TextCaptureX 1.III

TextCaptureX is a COM library that allows screen text extraction in Windows applications.It is accessible from any COM aware programming languages....


Windows Std Serial Communications Library for C/C++ 4.0

Windows Std Serial Communications Library for C/C++ is multi-platform compatible. The Marshallsoft serial communications component library for...


XML for Analysis Specification

XML for Analysis Specification is an ASP.NET tutorial in which author discusses about analysing the XML, which specifies a SOAP-based XML...


Textract 3.0

Textract SDK can feed a new program with text data from an existing application even if this application does not support any communication API,...

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JIPC 1.0

JIPC will be an API for inter-process communication in Java.


UniDBTags, a JSP tag library for U2 0.0.2

A JSP custom tag library enabling direct communication with IBM's UniVerse and UniData (U2) databases using the UniObjects for Java API.

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J8051 8051.1.0b

J8051 is an API for communication between a 8051 microcontroller and a cell phone using Java ME, Bluetooth and "C" language callback...

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