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Aol Instant Messenger Icons

Instant Messenger List 1.5.2

Instant Messenger List adds a page to phpBB forums that displays users and their instant messenger information, similar to an ICQ list.


Online Messenger Service 0.2

Use the online messenger service to create applications like ICQ, MSN Messenger, AOL Instant messenger, YAHOO Messenger
The component uses the...

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Aim Click Tracker 1.0

Have links in your AOL Instant Messenger Profile? Want to see who's clicking on them? Use this script to record screennames and dates when a link...


AIM Profiler 1.02

This script allows AOL Instant Messenger users to have extended profiles.


AOL Instant Messenger Links

The author of this tutorial tells us how to integrate our web site pages with AOL Instant Messenger to enable our site visitors to send those pages...


PedBot 1.I

Pedbot is a script that becomes your own an AOL Instant Messenger robot. It offers excellent features for both the users and the administrators. It...


Profiler for AOL Instant Messenger 1.II

Profiler for AOL Instant Messenger is a Unix compatible script that allows you to add more content to your profile, beyond AOL's limit of 1024...


MsgCommunicator 1.42

MsgCommunicator is a native Delphi / C++Builder software Development Kit (SDK) which was specially designed for the easy creation of custom...

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Cute Web Messenger 3.1

Cute Web Messenger is a state-of-the-art instant messaging software package that facilitates communication with your customers, company's employees...

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CF MegaBoard 2.0

This tool is an online discussion program based on the ColdFusion. It has features like broadcast emailing system, file attachments, fully...


Enterprise Instant Messenger

Webmasters who want to keep their customers more satisfied can utilize this ASP supported Enterprise Instant Messenger program. Features such as...


Flylip Media's Website Instant Messenger

Flylip Media's Website Instant Messenger is an online messenger software that supports simultaneous conversations in multiple windows. You can...


Integrity Messenger IM 2.7

A robust software platform for instant messaging and presence-enabled applications and services. Designed with server scalability, security,...


Messenger Status

Messenger Status helps the web developer to display the status of an instant messenger. The admin user interface displays the online or offline...



Sockets4AIM is a instant messenger which support TOC protocol. It has the capacity to connect with any AOL messenger. It helps the user in...


CD Messenger: Office Instant Messenger 2.1

CD Messenger is the only “All in One” solution available in the market which includes instant messenger, sticky notes, to do list and event...

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e/pop is a complete, fast and secure instant messenger for the office. It includes IM, chat, voice conferencing, application sharing, status...

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aeDating 2.I

This is a php based dating and matchmaking programme for your website with higher levels of security. aeDating runs on autopilot. No need to have...


AngelineCMS 0.6.3

This is a secure content management system that can be used to build and control the site contents. This program comes with many enhanced features....


ASP.NET Dating Software 2.0

This is a program which can be used by the webmasters to build a dating website. Members can have / the facilities to search their spouse by...