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Antivirus For Samsung Star

Panda Activescan. 4.0

Add the FREE online antivirus for visitors to your website. Simple, light and practical, it can scan and disinfect more than 58,000 viruses and...


StarCASE 1.0

StarCASE is the compiler, code generator and development environment for the Star language.


Project Setup Five Star Reports 1.0

This project is a timeline of the new reports implementation for Five Star.


eScan 2003 Internet Security Suite c

eScan 2003 ISS, working on MicroWorld Winsock Layer technology is a complete security suite providing essential protection against viruses,...

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Stars Rate

StarsRate is a "rate my pic" type of script used to poll your web site visitors.


5 Star Rating 1.0

Offer your visitors a chance to add their Star Rating to whatever topics you choose. Included is the option to add, hide and delete as many topics...


CF LinkManager 1.0

CF LinkManager allows you to run a complicated link directory system through easy to use administration pages instead of the overwhelming tasks of...


CGI Star Professional 5

CGI Star Professional is a tool for making webbased forms to send users datas to webmasters. These forms could be used for feedback forms, online...


DS FadeToStars -Flash

DS FadeToStars is a simple and powerful application which is useful for the web designers for displaying text over the star effect. You can use...


DS Stars

This is an useful web based application for the web developers to add the star effect in their web sites. You can display any text that moves...


Jobs Star

Jobs Star is a feature rich integrated recruitment package, designed for the web by 1st-interactive Design. It stores job details and candidate...


MyLinkManager 3.0

With MyLinkManger you can implement your own link management system on your web site with CF LinkManager! CF LinkManager allows you to run a...


phpArcadeScript - PHP Flash Arcade Script 1.0

phpArcadeScript allows webmasters to open up their own flash arcade within minutes. If you are wanting to open up a new website or add an arcade to...


Graphic Rulers 1.0

Rulers for graphics/text editing applications. Compile package and drop component on a form to begin. Has 4 types of units: pica, pixel, inch and...

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Translucent Controls Vol. 1 1.0

The suite of designer controls for Delphi applications, with never before features like interactive Designtime and Runtime opacity in 0..255 bytes...

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Translucent Controls Volume 1 1.0

Components in Volume 1 TTrLabel :x95 TStrings property for multiple lines of text. x95 Text wordwrapping. x95 Custom TColor property. x95 0..255...

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Metadefender ClamWin SDK 1.1

Metadefender ClamWin AntiVirus SDK provides application developers with an easy way to integrate ClamAV detection engine into their applications to...

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Metadefender 1.7.76

Metadefender provides application developers with an easy way to integrate the Avast!, ClamAV, Quick Heal and VirusBuster EDK antivirus engines...

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SQL Star 1.0

SQL Star, a SQL client provides a common Graphical User Interface (GUI) for all database servers (like, oracle, microsoft sql server, mysql etc.

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