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Antiterrorism Enterprise Portal

Liferay Portal 5.0

Liferay Portal is the world's leading open source enterprise portal solution for both the public and private sectors.


Enterprise Portal

Enterprise Portal is a program that can be integrated into the server, through which user can retreive all the applications for business marketing....


Passage Portal Server

This is a portal system that enables the combination of the efficiency of an enterprise portal server and a content management system for an...


Liferay Portlets for iQser GIN 1.0

This project provides integration components (Portlets) between the Liferay Enterprise Portal (www.


Passage Open Source Enterprise Portal 1.0

Cubic Compass Software is the primary developer and supporter of the Passage Foundation Server (PFS) for .


Liferay Toolbar rc

Liferay Toolbar is a java based Rich-Client-GUI (using Java-Swing and the OOoBean to integrate the OpenOffice.

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MiniPortal 1.0

MiniPortal is a lightweight JSR-168 compliant portlet container.


Web Programming in Python: Techniques for Integrating Linux, Apache and MySQL

Enterprise-class open source Web development ? step-by-step, start-to-finish! / * Build production-quality Web applications with Python and open...


JBoss Portal 2.7.0ALPHA1 1.0

JBoss Portal provides an open source and standards-based environment for hosting and serving a portal's Web interface, publishing and managing its...


Jefe SDWMS 1.0

Jefe is a Workflow Management Solution in a form of a web portal that unifies the enterprise information and applications in the domain of Software...


MindTouch (frmly deki wiki) 10.0.9

MindTouch is an enterprise wiki and collaborative portal.

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Turbo Seek 2.0

Turbo Seek allows you to create and run your own Search Engine & Directory portal with ease and total control.

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Perl portal system.

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Eco3Modeler ModelMaker 8 add-on

Eco3Modeler is a one-way C# and Pascal modeler for Borland ECO 3 (Enterprise Core Objects) for the dot-Net platform as shipped with Borland...

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USPExpress 2.01

USPExpress is a COM-based dll that is aimed to parse and evaluate scientific, engineering and math expressions on-the-fly.USPExpress has been...

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BS/1 Enterprise 3.17

BS/1 Enterprise is a multi-currency distribution and accounting system: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Purchase...

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BS/1 Enterprise with Manufacturing 3.17

BS/1 Enterprise with Manufacturing is a multi-currency manufacturing, wholesale distribution and accounting system: General Ledger, Accounts...

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E/pop Enterprise Edition Server 3.0

Designed to offer instant communications to large organizations with geographically dispersed offices, the e/pop Enterprise Edition server offers a...

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WebGrid.NET Enterprise 4.0 SP3

Voted as ‘Best Grid Component’ in Peoples Choice 2005 Award, WebGrid.NET Enterprise 4.0 has set grid functions to the next level....

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