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Ant Algorithm Tool

Eclipse Plugins/Tools 2.2.9

Provide a group of useful Eclipse plugins; such as Ant build tool view and a Robocode documentation help module.

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antigrator 1

Project goal is to provide integration of ANT building tool with the modern development tools, particularily with Together Control Center.

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AntMake 0.1.8

Ant-based tool to migrate Java source files to GNU Autotools standards, making them compatible with usual "configure; make; make install"...

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Ant Subversion Task 0.1.25

Ant Subversion Task is just that, a subversion task for use in the ant build tool.

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AntAcid - Advanced GUI front-end for ant 1.5.15

AntAcid is a GUI front-end to Jakarta's ant build tool.

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Source Package Template Builder 0.01

Apache Ant based tool for generation a template project that includes directory structure, makefiles (build.

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Ant Heap 0.2

A collection of all-purpose build scripts for the popular Ant build tool (see http://jakarta.

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BandAid 0.3

Basic ANt Dependencies AIn't Difficult - adds basic inter-project dependency facilities to the Apache Ant build tool.

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UncleJ rc

An object-oriented, Turing-complete alternative to the Ant build tool for Java.

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Ant4Osgi 1.0

The aim of ant4osgi is to support the build process of OSGi bundles using the Ant build tool.


ProDelphi.NET 4.0

ProDelphi.Net is a tool to measure the runtime of programs written in Delphi for .Net.The principle of source instrumenting, the sophisticated...

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Bullseye for .NET

This is an ASP.NET & .NET based program which allows webmasters to facilitate their web applications with zip code searching facility. This program...


DataEncode -

Custom data encoding algorithm... sounds nice, doesn't it? It is. Have vital documents that you want to be read ONLY with your permission? This is...


Encryption Algorithm Simulation Script

Encryption Algorithm Simulation Script is an useful javascript and is a handy tool for webmasters to protect their source and other content pages....


Image MeshWarp -

This is an implementation of a meshwarping algorithm, using polygon scan conversion with texture mapping to produce the warped image. On release of...


Polar Crypto

Polar Crypto is an easy to use data protection tool for software developers. You can use this ASP data security package to encrypt, decrypt, data...


PowerTCP ZipLite 1.8.2001

PowerTCP ZipLite is a compression tool for zipping and unzipping the files with a piece of code snippet. It offers various features like providing...


Protec Site Line 1.5d

Using this powerful algorithm, users both in the Internet and Intranet can send the encrypted and decrypted data of any file size with one another....


The Zip Code Database Project 0.0.2

The Zip Code Database Project is an online program designed with distance calculating algorithm. You can use this program to calculate the distance...


Xceed Streaming Compression Library 1.I

Xceed Streaming Compression Library is an ASP based component used for compress and decompress the single or multiple files, streaming data and...