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Anonymous Email Attachment

A+ Super Dating 2.14

Allows for ad posting, image upload, advanced search, and emailing new search results. Complete anonymous email system built-in.



ANSMTP provides an easy way to enable your ASP/VB or other COM environment applications to send rich TEXT/HTML email based on SMTP/ESMTP protocol....


ASP pure file Upload with progress bar 2.0

Easy to use, hi-performance pure asp include - multiple files upload script with HTML progress bar indicator. ASP upload to server disk, database...



CupidSQL is a Perl/MySQL-based program that allows you to start your own computer dating or personals site. Fully automated, anonymous email...


DigiPal 1.II

Some of the things you can do with DigiPal / - Transaction Verification and Validation with HTTPS Postback or Shared Secret Key / - Using the...


DigiPal for PayPal IPN PDT 1.2

A system that facilitates PayPal order management integration and automated digital goods delivery. This script takes full advantage of IPN...


Imageless Horizontal Bars

Imageless Horizontal Bars is a graphing tool in JavaScript to display data in your webpage graphically without using any images. The script is...


IPN Commerce 2

Automate your digital products delivery with complete security. It supports all PayPal currencies, unlimited confirmed PayPal email addresses,...


Left Side Software MailForm I.96

Mailform is a program that has been designed mainly for the webservers running on Windows based platform. This program does not allow unauthorized...


nomorespam 1.0

The nomorespam is a PHP based script with which you will be able to minimise the number of spam mail to your mail box. For this, first you have to...


Online Dating Software 7.II

Our software can help you establish an online dating presence in the shortest time possible and at a fraction of the cost it would take to develop...


PureASP 2.0

Easy to use, hi-performance pure asp include - multiple files upload script with HTML progress bar indicator, without external components. ASP...


Super Dating 2.24

Handles all of the standard online dating functions. Like an anonymous email system, daily search results returned via email, photo uploads,...


Report Generator List & Label

combit's database independent report generator List & Label equips applications with powerful functions for creating reports, lists, forms and...

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TinySOF DataFileJoinCutter 1.0

Cut large file into smaller pieces and later reassemble them back to original.....

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Arpoon Checksum 1.6

Arpoon Checksum compute checksums of files. A checksum (message digest, hash value) is a kind of fingerprint that permit to identify a file or...

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Midmart Matchmaker 2 2.0

This script is designed to handle a large number of members. It is automated and features multi-page search results, file attachment in anonymous...


Mail.dll 2.6

.NET component for sending and receiving email messages. Includes POP3 and SMTP clients with SSL. Written entirely in managed code in C#. Use it...

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allibsus mailpro 2.1

Process multiple fields, output results in any order using templates, direct users to a thank you page, autorespond via email with an optional...


Angel Desk

The Angel Desk is an advanced customer support helpdesk system with password protected client and staff control panels. The features available for...