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Annual Pay Calculator

Body Mass Index Calculator 1.1

If you care about your health, you should maintain normal weight. Use BMI Calculator to find out your Body Mass Index, which reveals if you are...

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Moffsoft Calculator

Moffsoft Calculator has a simple, easy-to-use interface with powerful features inside. In addition to the printable and savable calculator tape,...

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Rich Payment Calculator 1.0

A Flash tool for your website providing easy and attractive Loan Calculation.

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Pay-2 Payment module 1.0

Pay-2 Payment module – enable payments by Pay-2's service.

Freeware International COD 1.0

This module will enable your e-commerce website to take payments via the Pay-COD.


StrataPay (Pay Later) 1.2

This module integrates the StrataPay Pay Later functionality which enables people to print an invoice that lets you pay at a post office, paid via...


Velocity Pay Direct 1.2

This is a payment module for the velocity pay direct payment system.


Astro Calculator 1.0

Astrology sign calculator: Sun Sign and Chinese Sign


Simple IP Calculator sub/sup networking 0.0.4

Simple IP Calculator sub/sup networking is versatile tool for network/system administators as well as general users (implemented in a single file...


calculator.php 1.0

Use this to embed a calculator (arithmetic and scientific) in your PHP programs and HTML code


Ruby Calculator 3.0

Ruby calculator is a scientific RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) calculator based on the extmath library (which is required).


Calorie Burning Calculator 2.1

The Calorie Burning Calculator is a free, nicely-formatted online calculator to help your web site visitors calculate how many calories they...


Falcon's Fuel Cost Calculator 1.0

Falcon's Fuel Cost Calculator will help you to estimate the fuel costs of your next road trip.


PHP Canada Post Shipping Rate Calculator 1.0

PHP Canada Post Shipping Rate Calculator provides a simple way to merchants in eBay or other online shopping site to get a real time shipping rate.


4-digit Chmod calculator ?

4-digit Chmod calculator is multi-platform compatible. A beefed up version of the original chmod calculator that includes an extra "SuperUser"...


AJ Constant Acceleration Motion Calculator

With the AJ Constant Acceleration Motion Calculator script, you can solve for velocity by simply entering the values for Initial Velocity (v0),...


Aj Constant Velocity Motion Calculator -

Aj Constant Velocity Motion Calculator is a multi-platform compatible script that allows you to compute for the velocity, average velocity and...


AK Calculator 1.0

This program is used for calculating numerical values. This tool is not only used for normal numerical calculations, it is also used for scientific...


Annual Occasions Count Down

This script counts the number of days remaining until any annual occasion on the calendar (ie: birthday, Christmas etc). It automatically detects...


Auto-Mart Classifieds Pro Pay

Auto-Mart Classifieds Pro Pay is the upgraded version of the already existing Auto-Mart Classifieds Pro. It has all the features of Auto-Mart...