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Anfy Convert

Puma Video Convert 1.8

Puma Video Convert is an Delphi control that allows programmers to easily integrate video converting and processing capabilities into their...

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ESF Database Convert 5.2.28

Help you to easily convert between various database formats. It can directly connect to MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, InterBase ,Access,...

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How to Convert XLS to VCF 1.3

Excel to vCard software is an influential and 100% result oriented program to convert MS Excel database to vCard file in easy way. Free Demo...

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ANFY Applet boxes 1.0

For work with program ANFY, You it is necessary download this program with site ANFY and be registered to get full functional version this Applet.


Convert DataReader to DataSet

Convert DataReader to DataSet is a web based tutorial through which programmers can gather information about the data set and data reader. The...


Create Convert Http strings into Clickable links

Useful functions on ASP strings can be obtained from this online educational module that describes the steps to convert a string into clickable web...


Database -- Convert to Comma-Delimited File

This is an online database tutorial which helps the users to create an ASCII comma-delimited file from SQL statements. This article provides sample...


Evaluate Strings and Convert Data in .NET

Evaluate Strings and Convert Data in .NET is a web based tutorial in which author discusses about several method for evaluating string...


How to convert http date to OLE(VB/VBS) date

How to convert http date to OLE(VB/VBS) date is a tutorial which shows the way to transform the HTTP date to OLE date such as VB or VBS for the...


Chilkat Charset Convert 9.5.2000

Chilkat Charset Convert is encoding component that helps in translating the script into desired language with the help of converting objects that...


IP Convert

IP Convert converts IP addresses of the user into LongIP like, http://914522583728 from 666.660.661.666. This system is easy to customize because...


TMColor Convert 1.0

Unit to convert Bitmaps from 24 bits to 8 bits (algorythm).

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MP3 Info & Convert 1.0

MP3 Info & Convert is a tool to display information about MP3audio files. To do so, just drag a file from the explorer and drop it on thetext...

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Punycode Convert Unit 1.0

With this unit you can convert from text to punycode and reverse - 'mller' 'mller-kva'.

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CNC Header & Footer Convert 1

The CNC Header & Footer Convert is a free and beta software.

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Round-trip Convert NWCtxt - xml 1.0

BASIS FOR AN OPEN SOURCE PROJECT to convert NoteWorthy Composer files from/to MusicXML.

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nml m3u playlist convert 1.0

nml m3u playlist convert supports exporting .


image2cs: Convert image to cs source 1.0

It only serves to convert images (.


Convert ANSI files to UNICODE files 0.0.1

Console program to convert ANSI files to UNICODE files.

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