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Android Blade Touch Screen Game

MountFocus Keyboard Designer 3.2

The MountFocus Keyboard Designer is the ultimate tool for creating virtual keyboards on the Windows platform. Keyboards created using the...

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multifunctouch 1.0

This Project is a prototype for a multi-functional touch screen.


Button Switchboard 1.0

This is a multi-purpose user control intended for use on interfaces requiring user flexibility like a POS touch screen.


TextWarrior 1.0

TextWarrior is a programming text editor for mobile devices, featuring efficient and fun ways to work on a touch screen.


CryptoLicensing For .Net 2013 R2

CryptoLicensing for .Net is a 100% .Net solution to add licensing, copy-protection, activation and hardware-locking capabilities to your .Net,...

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DoubleVision 1.0

DoubleVision is a phoneMEFeature porting on Nintendo DS game console.


Transfer Master 1.1

This program is developed for planning and executing of the multicomponent operations with files using various network (including the Internet)...

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Crypto Obfuscator For .Net 2015

Crypto Obfuscator For .Net provides superior code protection, obfuscation, automatic exception reporting for .Net assemblies. Crypto Obfuscator...

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DHTMLX Scheduler .NET

DHTMLX Scheduler .NET is an rich web control that allows you to add a user-friendly scheduling interface, similar to MS Outlook or Google Calendar,...

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DHTMLX JavaPlanner 1.5

DHTMLX JavaPlanner is an Ajax-powered web control for Java. It allows creating rich-featured attractive Outlook-like event calendars, time...

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JDatePicker: Java Swing Date Picker 1.0

JDatePicker and JDatePanel is an set of advanced DatePicker controls for Java Swing applications.

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NiceScrollbars 1.0

This Javascript library allows you to replace operating system dependent scrollbar elements with something that you can fully style using CSS rules...

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PyGecko 1.0

Wrappers for Mark Hammonds PyDOM Work in Mozilla.


J2ME Polish 2.2.1

J2ME Polish is a next generation framework for the rapid development of J2ME applications.

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eZee Burrp 6.1.101

Zee Burrp! bar and restaurant software is suitable to work in restaurants, bars, night clubs, quick service restaurant, delivery and other...

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1st Go Warkanoid II: WildLife 2.77

Break the blocks with this highly imaginative, challenging game! The object of 1st Go Warkanoid II is to destroy all the bricks on the screen by...

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Warkanoid 1.8

Make your way through challenging levels of block-breaking mayhem in this arcade-style action game. The object of Warkanoid is to destroy all the...

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!Quick Screenshot Maker 2.0.36

Quick Screenshot Maker is an all-in-one tool for screen capturing, screenshot editing and image organization. It can capture any part of the screen...

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Beginning JavaScript

Suitable for learning basic programming for Web browsers, Beginning JavaScript is a patient, introductory tutorial on writing scripts successfully....


Bird Counting Game

Bird Counting Game is an online game which is interesting and interactive to the users. This game can be placed on any type of websites. Webmasters...