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ESBPDF Analysis 2.3

ESBPDF Analysis provides everything needed for using Discrete and Continuous Probability Distributions in a single Windows application, handling...

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Find it EZ Source Code Analysis 4.1.2

Find it EZ Source Code Analysis, the #1 universal software search engine that improves productivity for IT professionals who use databases (schema,...

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Local Analysis 0.05

This is a perl script is a package to report users with meta spy, HTML2perl and more. This program provides the informations that are analysed from...


Optimizing Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services : Optimization Tools: Partition Wizard

In this online article users can find several information about partition wizard. Here the author starts this tutorial with an itroduction about...


Redkernel Traffic Analysis 1.0

RedKernel Traffic Analysis is a very easy to use yet powerful statistics script written in PHP and backened by a MySQL database. Written in English...


Structural Analysis for Java

Users can use this tutorial to know about SA4J technology which measures the stabilty of Java applications by analysing the structural...


XML for Analysis Specification

XML for Analysis Specification is an ASP.NET tutorial in which author discusses about analysing the XML, which specifies a SOAP-based XML...


Descriptive statistical analysis tool 1.1

This script is a Python module implementing a class which can be used for computing numerical statistics for a given data set.


infosec: Information Security Analysis 1.0

A research project and a set of tools for the analysis of secure information flow


Simple Cipher Analysis and Reversal Tool 1.0

A GLib/GTK+ classical encryption analysis and reversal tool that brings together multiple techniques into a single program to aide in decryption.


X Ray: Coding Analysis for SCMs 1.0

XRay is an analysis tool built upon your SCMs, aimed to consolidade project statistics from many repositories in a single tool, generating code...


Gaussian Mixture Distribution Analysis 1.0

This project hosts tools used for analysis of Gaussian Mixture Distributions (GMDs) which are used for statistical signal processing.


grapht - Perl Plotting and Analysis 1.0

Interactive Perl environment for data analysis.

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QDA-ANALYSIS Project 1.0

The QDA-ANALYSIS Project (working name) is oriented towards the development of a Qualitative Data Analysis Software.


Bag of Words - text analysis system 1.0

Simple text analysis system based on the "Bag of Words" concept of statistical analysis of text.


Forensic and Log Analysis GUI 1

FLAG was designed to simplify the process of log file analysis and forensic investigations.

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Causal Analysis Engine System 1.0

Causal Analysis Real-Time Event Filtering System


TA-Lib : Technical Analysis Library b.0.4.0

Technical analysis library with indicators like ADX, MACD, RSI, Stochastic, TRIX.

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Coding Analysis Toolkit 1.0

The Coding Analysis Toolkit (or "CAT") consists of a ASP.

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TAS - Transcription Analysis System 8.1

TAS (Transcription Analysis System) is a multi-tier framework for running parameterized SQL queries.

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