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Alumnil Information System Php

Soap-box 1.0

Soap-box is a simple, usable, dynamic blog system (PHP and MYSQL).


Homeless Mangement Information System 2.0.1

The Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) allows organizations providing services to the homeless to collect client information...

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A Simple Order Form

Create a simple HTML order form and process the information with PHP to learn the basics of HTML form processing.


Active Data Online GeneralLedger 2.0

GeneralLedger is a Web-based accounting information system. It provides a means to record, store and query accounting journal entries, post journal...


Best 3 X 3 Fast Pay Money System PHP Script 1.II

World Best 3 X 3 Fast Pay Money System PHP Script for Sale! Safely Buy this 3x3 Money System Script Using Paypal - Price is just $9.95 USD - With...


Cicerone Corporate Information Portal 1.0

CiceroneO is a multi-platform, multi-server, multi-database, web-based corporate information system. Completely web-driven and accessible through...


DevShed Discussion Forums

DevShed Discussion Forums offers information on PHP, and an online discussion forum.


EMPRIS resume management 0.4

EMPRIS resume management is multi-platform compatible. The Emergencies Personnel Information System is a platform and database independent method...


EMPRIS Resume Management System 0.4

The Emergencies Personnel Information System is a platform and database independent method for receiving job or volunteer applications online and...


eZ phpdoc

Written in Perl, this program extracts javadoc like information for PHP programs and provides nice looking documentation files from your PHP source...


Mathematical Averages in PHP

This tutorial teaches you how to get rating information using PHP. Source code is given as example to get average ratings. It fixes bugs if error...


PHP Guard Dog Version 2 2.0

PHP Guard Dog version 2 offers complete user authentication and user management through a friendly web administration section. Password-protect...

Shareware is useful for you to download php based scripts. It helps webdevelopers to design their own sites. Development tips are available...

Freeware's PHP Tutorial

This is an online tutorial that can be used as a learners guide to gather information about PHP. This tutorial covers on developing projects with...


tianma-mmis 1.0

tianma-mmis: Tianma Manufacture Manage Information System.


Campus Management Information System 1.0

CMIS , this project was developed on java and thinwire framework, these application will be serve to the school or university to centralized there...


CoopWorks Farmers Association Management 1.0

CoopWorks is a financial and member management information system (MIS) for farmers associations, agriculture cooperatives and sacco's in Africa.

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simple mis auto creator 1.0

smag is used to create simple management information system by certain language under some open source erp projects.


OpenVista (R) 1.0

OpenVista(R) is the open-source version of VistA, an enterprise grade health care information system developed by the U.

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mystuffs b.0.1

This is a multipurpose information system.

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