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Alphanumeric String Generator

Random Alphanumeric String Generator

Random alphanumeric string generator is a php scripted program which can do two functions that you can use to assign random strings of any length....


Simple pattern-based string generator 1.0

This script allows you to generate all the string described by a pattern passed on the command-line.


Auto Keyword String Generator 0.4

This script produces a list of the most common 1 word, 2 word and 3 word strings on a web page. It then builds a suitable keyword string which can...


Random Password Generation 1.0

Random Password Generation script is a code snippet to generate an 8 character alphanumeric password.


PEAR::QuickFrom extra widgets 1.0

project provides some extra widgets for php pear::quickform package.


A Bar chart generator

A Bar chart generator is a bar chart maker programme implemented in a / class called bar. Feature highlights are, set dimensions like /...


Generator Package (Delphi 6) 2.1

This is a package containing: E generator of user-defined auto incremental sequences of characters component; E Unique Key generator component; E...

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Generator Package (Delphi 7) 2.11

This is a package containing: E Generator of user-defined auto incremental sequences of characters component;E Unique Key generator component;E...

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EldoS *ML Generator 1.3

EldoS *ML Generator (MLGen) is a specialized template processor that takes some template (regular string with XML-like tags) as input and produces...

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Podcast Generator 1.3

Podcast Generator is a free web based podcast publishing script written in PHP.

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Extended String Property Editor 1.1.1

This property editor has been designed to get round two limitations of the standard Delphi string property editor.The standard property editor does...

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EDA Generator package 2.0

This is nice implementation of the generation of user-defined auto incremental sequences of characters......

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Pattern String Engine 1.3

Pattern String Engine (PSE) is a freeware library for work with regular expressions in Borland Delphi/Kylxi. As distinct from the other libaries,...

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forSQL Data Generator 2.1

forSQL Data Generator enables automatic generation of test data for large scale database testing and Quality Assurance. Database developers and...

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String Processing Library PRO

The String Processing Library is a free .NET component that expands the functionality of .NET string processing with 28 powerful string functions.

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Contact Form Generator script 3.2

Contact Form Generator script is an easy-to-use PHP script for creating contact and email forms. The script allows you to create different web...

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Meta Tag Generator Script 1.0

Meta Tag Generator Script is a tool to generate meta tags online.

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Template Generator 4.5.1

A template generator, which lets you generate Mambo templates step by step.


Meta Tag generator module 1.3.4

This generator generates the description (Description) and references (Keywords) for the Meta tags on push of a button from a contribution.


Packet Generator In Ruby 0.2

A simple network packet generator handling diffserv markers, useful for testing network bandwidth and QoS.