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Alpha Delphi Free Imagelist

WordDLL 1.0

DLL for Delphi/Free Pascal Compiler to help work with Microsoft Word XP and newest with OLE automatisation


ESBRoutines 3.0.0

Collection of Miscellaneous Routines for Borland Delphi - Free with Srce + Help.....

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Edit Set

Components for numeric input.TSpinNumericButton - Similar to Delphi's TSpinEdit, but with better input control (Customize to allow only numeric...

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NextGrid 3.6

NextGrid is powerfully native Delphi and C++ Builder component.Main Features: Attractive and modern user interface Easy to use columns editor in...

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Free Pascal Compiler for Delphi 1.0

Free Pascal Compiler for Delphi


RiverSoftAVG Charting Component Suite 1.0

The RiverSoftAVG Charting Component Suite (RCCS) is a free (for non-commercial use) charting Suite for adding charts and graphs to your programs....

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TEnhRomb Buttons

TEnhRombButtons is a component with 4 Buttons assigned to the four cursor keys that look like a cursor control panel with 3D-arrows on it.

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Charset Detector 1.0

Charset Detector - is a stand alone executable module for automatic charset / encoding detection of a given text / file.Charset Detector can be...

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SQLite for Pascal 1.0

A SQLite translation to Pascal.


Delphi Scintilla Interface Cmp

The delphi scintilla Interface Components is a FREE collection of components that makes it easy to use thescintilla source code editing control...

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2D/3D DXF Import and View VCL

DXF VCL tools for Borland Delphi and C++Builder developers. TGraphic descendants for every format. TGraphic viewer provided. DCU or Delphi source...

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CardTable 2.10

CardTable is a free Delphi component that enables the easy creation of card games. With smooth movement and drag and drop options. Version 2 is on...

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TantTask barIcon

TantTaskbarIcon component is realisation of taskbar's tray icon for Delphi. TantTaskbarIcon is easy way to create and manipulate icons at taskbar's...

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WinPascal Compiler 0.001b

WinPascal is a free Pascal compiler that can create x86 asm codes to be assembled and linked into a stand-alone Windows executable. The goal is to...

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dzChart for Delphi and Kylix 2.1.1

dzChart is a free (MPL 1.1) component package for Borland Delphi and Kylix containing some charts.

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EasyBugNets 1.11c

EasyBugNets- Free Automatic Bug Reporting for Delphi Applications. The package includes a bugreport component with sources, an example program with...

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Oracle Data Access Components 9.4

ODAC (Oracle Data Access Components) is an enhanced component library for fast direct access to Oracle from Delphi, C++ Builder and Lazarus,...

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ThlTrackBar 1.0

ThlTrackBar is a descendant of the VCL TTrackBar component. It adds the custom draw functionality that is actually provided by the underlying...


VISOCO dbExpress Driver for Sybase ASE 1.2.5

VISOCO dbExpress Driver for Sybase ASE is a lightweight database driver that provide fast access between Delphi/C++Builder applications and Sybase...