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Algorithm To Convert Post Fix To Infix

converting algorithm to code 1.0

This project aims at developing an application that converts the given algorithm into a code with main emphasis on the parallel algorithms and...


Invert the colours of an image

This is an online tutorial that discusses about using an algorithm to invert an image's color. The author of this tutorial says that this discussed...


AecSLock shareware protection 1.11

aecSLock allows you to turn your applications into shareware with very little effort. SLock uses the famous Blowfish encryption algorithm to ensure...

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CRC64 1.0

This script implements the algorithm to compute the cyclic redundancy check that is described in the ISO 3309 standard.


ASP.NET images: Thumbnails

In this tutorial the author covers on creating thumbnails by resizing the images. Here the author illustrates this process by using an algorithm to...


Ban Man Pro 3.0

Ban Man Pro is an ASP-based banner rotation and management program that will simplify the process of managing and rotating banners on your web...


Date Picker Object 3.0

Date Picker Object is a simple online calendar script using which you can design a variety of calendars. This program is built with an advanced...



A unique script that generates a lucky number based on information entered by the visitor. It uses an algorithm to calculate this number based on...


MD5 Checksum File Parser

Using this program you can parse and output checksum files. This is actually a PHP class library that uses MD5 hash algorithm to check and verify...


Number Scroller

Number Scroller is a simple form validator that checks every numerical data inputs for your online forms. This program can prevent your form users...


Spiderfish 1.0 Beta

Spiderfish is a java application formed of two parts to navigate through a given web site and down load all its files. The first part is a...


Need For Speed 1.0

In this project we develop a software, that uses evolutionary algorithm to evolve a solution, that can drive a car on an arbitrari path.


Frontiering scheduling 1.0

Implement a scheduling algorithm to schedule classes at a university


GTMAdmin 1.0.rc5

A desktop app to manage an osCommerce shop without access to MySQL server nor to downloading the full database, it uses a synchronizaton algorithm...

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The Peach Validator 1.0

The Peach Validator is a small program used verify the application of the Lhun's algorithm to s.

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Highly Adaptive Link 1.0

The Highly Adaptive Link is a Java middleware that implements a client-cooperation algorithm, to reduce server load and server-client latency.


ATS-Framework 1.0

Traders can develop their own trading system by plugging-in their trading algorithm to this distributed Framework.


InstallAware Express for Windows Installer 4.1

Stunning User Interface:InstallAware Express offers setup themes true to the meaning of the word, themes that are unique and highly customized. Far...

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Java Random Numbers - Random.Org API 1.5

Very lightweight and easy to use library that allows you to generate truly random numbers by means of Random.

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Geneur GRID scheduler 1.0

Geneur is an Open Source scheduler for GRID.