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Algorithm Hashing Techniques

General Hash Function Algorithms 0.0.1

General hash function algorithm implementations for series of commonly used additive and rotative string hashing in the object pascal programming...

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Performance Comparison: Security Design Choices

Performance Comparison: Security Design Choices is an ASP tutorial in which author discusses about camparing performance of several security...


Security Practices for Web Services (Part 1): Now I Understand

Security is the most mature area of the Web Services architecture and it should be. However, getting up to speed on what security means in a Web...


ACED Utility Classes for .NET 1.05

The library consists of several useful classes working with binary data. There are the following classes: AcedRipeMD (implementation of the...

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Sudoku Solver and Generator - DLX/Rules 1.0

Sudoku Solver - A generic implementation of Donald Knuth's Dancing Links algorithm and a number of techniques, translated into rules,...


AecSLock shareware protection 1.11

aecSLock allows you to turn your applications into shareware with very little effort. SLock uses the famous Blowfish encryption algorithm to ensure...

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KonstSolver 1.086

KonstSolver is a high-performance vector and matrix library for .NET(C#,C++,VB), thread based, 100% managed code. A parallel LU algorithm for...

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Python XTEA Encryption 1.4

The module implements the basic XTEA block encryption algorithm (`xtea_encrypt`/`xtea_decrypt`) and also provides a higher level `crypt` function...


Fixed Start Open Traveling Salesman Problem - Genetic Algorithm 1.0

The algorithm computes the optimal route from a fixed predetermined starting point to all other cities without returning to the starting point.


Round-Robin Pairings Generator 1.0

This script is an implementation of a round-robin algorithm for "fair" pairing of items from a list.


SMAWK totally monotone matrix searching algorithm 1.0

This SMAWK algorithm takes as input a function for computing matrix values, and searches for the position of maximum value in each row.


LZ77 compression 1.2

LZ77 is a compression algorithm upon which most popular compression formats are based; PKZIP, GZIP, LHA, RAR, etc.


Stable deep sorting 1.0

This method implements what is referred to as a Schwartzian transform algorithm.


Simple XOR keyword Encryption 1.0

This script shows a very simple keyword encryption algorithm.


Increment numbers in a string 1.0

Suppose one reference number on your invoice is "XYZ-001", then let this algorithm figure out that the next one should be "XYZ-002" or that "dsc_010.


CRC64 1.0

This script implements the algorithm to compute the cyclic redundancy check that is described in the ISO 3309 standard.


Union Find data structure 1.0

This script implements the Union Find data structure and algorithm.


A fast prime number list generator 1.4

This is a fast prime number list generator using sieve algorithm.


xICE Encryption Algorithm SDK 1.4

The xICE Encryption Algorithm Software Development Kit allows developers of all skill levels to implement xICE encryption into their applications,...


Opt4J 2.7

Java framework for applying meta-heuristic (multi-objective) optimization algorithms like an Evolutionary Algorithm, Particle Swarm Optimizer,...

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