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Algorithm For The Reverse Of A String

ASP FAQS : Arrays

Inbuilt eloborated explanation and relevent articles in this tutorial is widely useful for the learners in ASP language to improve their knowledge...


Determine the position of a particular string in an Array

One of the online ASP learning module that comes with detailed explanation to let you understand quickly on how to find the position of an array...


The Len() Function

This little ASP article will be useful for the novice programmers in ASP to know about the basic functions in strings. And it is simply explained...


strtools 1.1

What to quickly know the length of a string?

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Asynchronous Delegates in VB DotNet

Asynchronous Delegates in VB DotNet is an ASP.NET tutorial in which the programmers can get details about asynchronous delegates, which allows the...


Class:NamedParms 1.III

Class:NamedParms is a scripts that allows key name checking for named accessor parameters. The script provides for the use of a generic 'get/set'...


csvdump 1.III

This script provides the front end for the dumping of a MySQL table. It can mail the dump table to the address that may be specified in the command...


Easym@il 1.III

A program for the management of a large mailing list (over 30,000 email addresses). You can add/delete email addresses, and manage the messages to...


Foul 1.7.2

A JavaScript-based, form validation language. It contains a full language parsing engine which compiles advanced conditions and tests for the...


Intellicart MX 2.0.8

Intellicart MX is a Windows compatible commercial Macromedia Dreamweaver MX extension that deploys itself using the PHP/MySQL Server Model. It...


Link SQL 1.0

Link SQL is a script that use MySQL for the creation of a search engine and directory similar to that of Yahoo etc on your website easily. With...


PhpWiki 1.03

Allows for the creation of a web site where anyone can edit the pages through forms with no authentication. It works right out of the box with no...


STPhp - internationalization tool for PHP 1.1.2002

STPhp - internationalization tool for PHP is a PHP script which is very useful for the webmasters as a string translation suite which serves as an...



The Whois2.cgi is a Perl based whois lookup script that can be easily integrated with any kind of website to allow their website visitors to search...


WhoisPro 0.7

The WhoisPro is a Perl based script with which you can allow your website visitors to perfoma a whois search for different domain names in various...


TjvTurtle 1.0

jvTurtle is a non-visible Graphics component that accepts a PainterScript in the form of a string and draws on any canvas that is assigned at...

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BookWorm 1.0

BookWorm is a PHP/MySQL script created for the administration of a personal book collection.


VisualXBLite Environment 1.0

VIXEN is a Graphical Development Environment, written in XBLite, that generates the XBLite source code for the skeleton of a Windows GUI application.

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DataBaseOne is a proyect for the generation of a small and "not that robust" Database Engine in C++ oriented to small and medium...

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WoW Entertainment 1.0

This is for the Development of a multi platform core wow server Ran at wowentertainment.