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Algorithm For Hashing

Round-Robin Pairings Generator 1.0

This script is an implementation of a round-robin algorithm for "fair" pairing of items from a list.


1-search Advanced Search Script 1.61

Get new search engine for your site! New version with optimized search algorithm for faster searches. This advanced site search script written...


Horner's Algorithm

This tutorial teaches you how to run the Horner's algorithm, for number convertion. It converts numbers from specified numeric system into decimal,...


HTML Encryption 3.00

Using this advanced security software you can create password protected web pages for your website. All your website pages are encrypted with HTML...


Indexbooster - Advanced SEO 2.V

Indexbooster brings content to a new perspective, using on-of-the-kind algorithm for article relevance for automated article generation. Utilizing...


Interpolation for .NET 2.0

Interpolation for .NET is a mathematical application which includes algorithm for calculating interpolation coefficients and interpolation in...


MD5 Checksum File Parser

Using this program you can parse and output checksum files. This is actually a PHP class library that uses MD5 hash algorithm to check and verify...


Multi Dictionary

Multi threaded dictionary is an ASP based component which works with WHS, VBS, ASP, VBA and provides various keys for multi threading. It has...


Polar Crypto

Polar Crypto is an easy to use data protection tool for software developers. You can use this ASP data security package to encrypt, decrypt, data...


PowerTCP ZipLite 1.8.2001

PowerTCP ZipLite is a compression tool for zipping and unzipping the files with a piece of code snippet. It offers various features like providing...


Simian 1.0

Simian is a Java Application, which can be used to interact with any routines that requires manipulation of images. You can resize the images and...


Xceed Streaming Compression Library 1.I

Xceed Streaming Compression Library is an ASP based component used for compress and decompress the single or multiple files, streaming data and...


AntiAliased Analog Gauge 1.0

A3nalogGauge - simple component for displaying floating point value as analog voltmeter. In addition to AnalogGauge component, the A3nalogGauge...

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KonstSolver 1.086

KonstSolver is a high-performance vector and matrix library for .NET(C#,C++,VB), thread based, 100% managed code. A parallel LU algorithm for...

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Basic Oligonucleotide Alignment Tool 1.0

A new efficient and sensitive algorithm for mapping the new sequenced reads from next-generation DNA sequencing technologies to the genome assembly.


Gene Expression Programming .NET 1.0

GEP is an evolutionary algorithm for function finding.

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Fluster is a clustering algorithm for the Google Maps API v3.

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BalanceLine4j 1.0

The BalanceLine4j Project is an implementation of the Balance Line Algorithm for Java applications.


SensorLoc 1.0

This software implements a localization algorithm for use in wireless sensor networks.


Mjolnir 1.0

MjA¶lnir is a a java-based brute force algorithm for obtaining keystore passwords by brute force.