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Algorithm For Bmp To Jpeg Conversion C

Pseudo-random string to float conversion 1.0

Pseudo-random string to float conversion script converts strings to floats in the range [0, 1), using a hash function.


Algolab Raster to Vector Conversion Toolkit 2.97

Vectorizer for CAD/CAM/GIS professionals, designers and illustrators. Available also as Raster to Vector SDK, ActiveX and Com Component....

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B2Xe - Binary to Xml Conversion tool 1.0

A cross platform binary (database) to xml conversion tool written in java language.


System of management customers for ignited to protected areas (1a part)

System of management customers for ignited to protected areas (1a part) is an ASP article which concentrates on how to provide password protection...


Matlab to Python conversion 1.0

Matlab/Octave to Python conversion facility.


Java 1.5 Generics For converter to 10

This tool makes it possible to convert Generics and extended for loops of version 1.

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Single to multi-channel C converter

A tool to transform single channel C code into multichannel C code.

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Pinyin to IPA Conversion Tools 1.0

The Python scripts for the conversion from the Chinese Pinyin transcription(ISO 7098) to International Phonetic Alphabet(IPA), comprised of a core...

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to design a C Compiler in linux 1.0

I want to build a Compiler that will compile C programs.


Algolab Raster to Vector Conversion CAD/GIS SDK 2.50

Software development kit for CAD/CAM/ GIS and graphic software developers. Converts from raster to vector and refines architect, mechanical, tech...


Voting control for ASP.NET written in C# (CSharp) 1.1

Features: • Control written in pure "managed" C# (CSharp) • Not require SQL or any other database (Only file copy) • Cookie security...

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Import hook for end-of-line conversion 1.0

This code eliminates the need to convert line endings when moving .


Dijkstra's algorithm for shortest paths 1.0

This script finds the shortest paths from the start vertex to all vertices nearer than or equal to the end.


Codebrain Guide For Newcomers To Java

An easy-to-understand guide to the basics of installing and using JAVA applets, specifically geared toward those new to JAVA.


RTF to LaTeX conversion 2.2.1

rtf2latex2e is a program that translates RTF (rich text format) files into LaTeX files.

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adaptive cache algorithm for client side 1.0

looking for new strategy for managment cache and looking for more dynamics and back reaction of trace .


Auvai Text to Speech 1.0

Auvai is a Java API and Java Swing based application for Text to Speech conversion of Unicode Tamil.



This archive contains a complete course for you to learn the 'C' computer language itself. The language used is conversational English.The course...


ExtImage 1.3

Convert JPEG to BMP, BMP to JPEG, rotation and flip (BMP, JPEG), load and save JPEG DB Image.

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PTracer 2.4

ActiveX library for raster to vector conversion in automatic mode.The output format is WMF/EMF, SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).

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