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Alarm Set

TRealAlarm 1.02

TRealAlarm is a simulate alarm's action. You can set time when alarm event will occur, specify your action for the AlarmTime, specify object to...

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Icons-Land Vista Style Multimedia Icon Set 1.0

Are you developing media-centered software application, mobile application or website, and you would like it to have modern Vista style - then get...

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EncodingSleuth 1.0

EncodingSleuth Text is a distributable Java library that examines streams of bytes to determine whether they represent encoded text, and to detect...

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Perfect Phone Icons 2011.3

Enhance communication applications with ready-made, royalty-free phone icons. Designed by professional artists, Perfect Phone Icons are both...

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Hotel Tab Bar Icons for iPhone 2011.1

The development of a program interface for a hotel-related application for iPhone or a design for a travel-themed website has never been easier....

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Glossy Menu Icons 2011.3

A comprehensive collection of interface icons for modern applications and websites. The set covers a wide range of popular topics, while each of...

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Medical Toolbar Icons 2011.1

Develop professional-looking applications for hospitals, medical and health care specialists with a set of Medical Toolbar Icons. The set contains...

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High Resolution App Tab Bar Icons 2011.7

Here is a High Resolution App Tab Bar Icons collection, which will help each iPhone or iPad application developer get his GUI in order. The icons...

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Metro Style WP7 Icons 2011.1

A package of Metro-style icons for Windows Phone meets and exceeds the strict guidelines for Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 systems. The set...

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Generating get/set methods using closures 1.0

When creating a class,one often end up writing lots get/set methods which essentially do the same thing e.


Yet another Set class for Python 1.7

This script is a pure Pythonic implementation of a set class.


Simple Collection class 1.0

This script deals with a collection groups a set of objects together and forwards attribute lookups to all elements of the collection that...


Repeating alternator 1.3

This script is a generator for cycling over a set of values.


Finding the convex hull of a set of 2D points 1.0

This simple code calculates the convex hull of a set of 2D points and generates EPS files to visualise them.


Integer set type 1.4

This script initializes an integer set.


ThlTrackBar 1.0

ThlTrackBar is a descendant of the VCL TTrackBar component. It adds the custom draw functionality that is actually provided by the underlying...


VISOCO dbExpress driver for Sybase ASA 2.0

Delphi 6 and Kylix 1 introduced dbExpress - a cross-platform, database-independent and an extensible interface that provides a set of methods for...

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NativeDB 1.90

NativeDB is a set of Delphi/Kylix/C++Builder components thatconnects directly to the Sybase SQL Anywhere databaseengine, skipping both the Borland...


DAC for MySQL (former MySQLDAC) 2.0.3

DAC for MySQL (former MySQLDAC) is BDE replacement for Delphi/C++Builder/MySQL.
This components set allows to create Delphi/C++Builder...



MSADODAC is MSSQL BDE replacement for Delphi 4-6/C++Builder 5/ADO. This components set allows to create Delphi 4-6 and C++Builder 5 applications...