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Alarm Clock Htc Phone Toorent

Alarm clock script

This is a JavaScript alarm clock that either alerts a message or plays a midi file when the specified time is reached.


APK Cd-Rom Alarm Clock 98++ 9.9

Program which allows users to pick a Cd-Rom Track of their choice and wake up to it at a specified time with morning to-do list and more. Works...

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A graphical watch-like alarm clock.


Servertime PHP Class

Servertime PHP Class is a date and time displaying program and is a simple script based on php. This program allows users to view server time....


T-Pack (bundle of Time Applets)

T-Pack is an useful program for website owners which helps them to design their website with clock. T-Pack is included with different types of time...


Reveil 1.0

It is a Java project implementing an alarm clock and using JUnit to do unit testing for its methods


ET Reminder 0.90a

Reminder enables you not to forget about important moments in your life such as birthdays, anniversaries and business meetings. Our intuitive...

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MyAssist 1.1.0

Pixwares MyAssist 1.1 is a handy and easy-to-use tool to help you managing your personal tasks and schedule. Having MyAssist on your desktop is...

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Informator 2000 Compact 3.0

This program will help you every day. It consist of 7 basic bookmarks: My computer - displays windows resources and HDD space (information is...

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Desktop Fay 2.2

Desktop Fay is an animated email assistant. Email client, Email notifier, Mailing lists manager, Personalized batch mailer, Reminder and Calculator...

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Perfect Phone Icons 2011.3

Enhance communication applications with ready-made, royalty-free phone icons. Designed by professional artists, Perfect Phone Icons are both...

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Nuclear Clock 2.24

Nuclear Clock keeps your clock running on the correct time. It downloads the time from a NIST Time server, which is connected to a highly accurate...

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Binary Clock 2.0

Fantastic clock in binary format. FREE!

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Analogue Clock

A clear analogue clock, written in AS 2.0 Perfect for a site's sidebar

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'Ready' Phone Web Site Script 3

Launch your cell phone site loaded with 2000+ phones from 35+ brands , 50,000+ accessories, 3,000+ video reviews, 1500+ deals. Plus free...

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Phone Payment Module 1.5

If you are a shop and you have a CC machine, you might wish to offer the option to phone their CC details through.


Broadcast By Phone 1.0

Free software for automatic voice broadcast by phone. Ideal for calling large groups. Use it for political campaign promotion, emergency...


3D Clock -

The 3D Clock applet is a simulation of a digital LED-display clock being rotated and twisted in space. It was inspired by a cool VGA-demo written...


A clock

A clock is a simple script based on php and is a time displaying script. This program provide the ability to show current time in 24 hour mode. It...


A Clock Out Of a Form

A Clock Out Of a Form as the name suggests can be used to implement a clock display in your web pages, which is not in a form and is totally...