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Alan Skl Yahoo Com

Dragonfly Commerce ASP Shopping Cart 1.II

Features in Dragonfly Commerce version 1.2 can be grouped into the following categories:Desktop Administrator The desktop administrator limits...


Flashadvisor Is A Flash Discussion Group

The Flashadvisor egroup, provides an email based forum where members can read and post anything about Macromedia Flash,Director,Multimedia and...


Hostmaster 0.01

This php4 script will index your specified web site and insert the KEYWORDS / and DESCRIPTION meta tags into an SQL database. You then add a form...


Master Subscriber Pro

No longer will your visitors need to leave your website to subscribe to your ezine. Works with all list servers that accept email...


quote 0.01

Quote is a clean and speedy command-line interface for getting snapshot stock market prices. This script also facilitates us to recover prices of...


Java GeoCoder 1.0

This is a simple java library which contains classes that serve as a wrapper for the Yahoo!


Fortran SQL preprocessor Oracle & Ot 1.0

Author : AndrA© Rezende - andrerezende_br@yahoo.

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Eclipsing Chaos 1.0

a very serious open source RPG I'm making for the PC,I am in need of music composers, artists, a few more voice actors, And if you want to help...


JD Dock Comps 1.2

JD Dock Comps is a set of components for Delphi that is designed to make docking toolbars and panels easier to implement. JD Dock wraps most of the...

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LMKit Version 0.3.0

Licenses Management Kit (LMKit) is a software under development. It comes with all the sources.The purpose of this software it's to help the...

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Human confirmation 2.0

It is useful to prevent automated registrations.


Manatee Json 1.0

Introducing the first JSON implementation for .

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Manatee State Machine 2012.04.27

This is a fully extensible state machine.

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JAmpDesktop 1.0

JavaSwing desktop's framework.

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Biomechanics 1.0001

Computer programs for application in Sports science, Physical Culture, among others.

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Jump from SOAP to REST with WSDL2REST rc.1.0

A tool chain allowing quick migration from existing SOAP webservices implementation to RESTful webservices implementation by using axisting WSDL...

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OpenUP-BR alpha.20070710

Este projeto tem como objetivo disponibilizar uma verso traduzida do processo OpenUP/Basic para o Portugus.

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Soomp 1.0

Singleton object-oriented MVC PHP Framework.

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Joomla! Yahoo Web Search Extension 1.0

It integrates the Yahoo Search Engine seamlessly into Joomla!