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Ajp Icon Cab Pliki

Any to Icon 3.30

Any to Icon converts BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PCX, PSD, TGA, TIFF, WMF, WBMP, XPM, XBM and CUR formats into Windows icons. You can add files and...

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Icon Scanner 1.3

This utility scan files, folders and drives on your computer and extract icons and cursors, contained in ICO, CUR, EXE, DLL files, icon libraries...

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Icon Snatcher 3.3

Before you search the Internet for cool icons, look a little closer to home. Chances are you'll find some neat images hiding inside the files on...

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Icons-Land Vista Style Multimedia Icon Set 1.0

Are you developing media-centered software application, mobile application or website, and you would like it to have modern Vista style - then get...

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XML Accordion Icon Menu 1.0

The XML Accordion Icon Menu displays images in a vertical menu that opens like an accordion.

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Program Icon Changer 6.1117

Change or extract icon of exe program. Replace folder icon!

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Icon Locator 3.30

Icon Locator is a handy tool for extracting icons from almost any location, be it a local folder, Windows, a zip-archive, a Mac OS icon file or...

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Add Icon With Url In Browser

Add icons that show up in the URL box and with Favorites (bookmarks) in IE5. Here are two methods to do it... along with information on icon...


Adding an Icon with Your URL - Two Methods

Adding an Icon with Your URL - Two Methods is a JavaScript that can be added to your site to generate an icon on the favorites list and also in the...


corner stone,icon 1.0

Corner stone/icon script takes 6 inputs like which corner, ie- left top or left bottom or right top or right bottom piece, corner size, corner...


Loading a Form Icon

This is an article that allows users to generate icon of the form at the run-time and also during design-time. The author starts this tutorial with...


OpenCube's Infinite Icon Menus

OpenCube's Infinite Icon Menus is a java based applet capable of fabricating website menus with attractive image backgrounds. While using this...


Icon Agent 1.2

Icon Agent inspects a file and lists the icons in the file. You can export the icons as bitmap images or .ico files.

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Icon Save It 1.0

This package is targeted at software developers who have hundreds (if not thousands) of .ICO files on their hard disk. Each icon file is 766 bytes...

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Animated SystemTray Icon for D5

Component that let's you add animated icons to windows tray area. Animate, Enable and Disable your Icon in System Tray with a single line of...

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Animated SystemTray Icon 3.3

Allows you add animated icons to the Windows system tray. Even in Delphi 1.0 applications... Animate, Enable and Disable your Icon in System Tray...

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Notification Icon 1.4

Taskbar notification icon component for Delphi. Includes balloon hint features from Windows 2000. Also works on Windows 95/98/NT.Free for...

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Quick Edit Icon Link in Categories Admin 1.0

This contribution adds an edit icon next to the product names in the product listing in categories in admin.


The Wakasi.Net Eclipse GUI Icon library 1.0

The Wakasi library contains 3239 icon files (3046 gif , 148 png, 24 jpg, 17 bmp and 4 ico).

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TBianco Icon 1.1

This is a invisible component that allows you to extract icons from .EXE, .DLL, .RES (and .ICO too) files. After you set the file name, this VCL...

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