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Ajax Country State List

State list dropdown and US default country 1.0

The country dropdown is configurable by using the ID code from the "countries" table in the db.


Geographic Codes & Names 1.0

This PHP class provides lookup lists of country and state abbreviations and support functions.


Ananda Real Estate Software 3

This is complete website made with ASP. It has all the features need for Real Estate like photo add, property location map, add / modify / delete...


Pre ASP Job Board 2.0

Pre ASP Job Board is most enhanced job boards for internet job seekers and providers. Easily customizable and fully featured job board written in...


Table with Flat State Fee Addon 1.0

The purpose of this module is to allow shipping to be calculated using the default Table Rate system and also charge an extra fee for nominated...



This mod only affects create_account.


Jollyday 0.4.7

This API calculates the holidays for a given year, country and region or lets you provide your own holiday rules.

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SuperFastDistinct 1.0

SuperFastDistinct. is the fastest way on the planet to obtain all the distinct values from a table. All you need is a TTable (or equivalent) and an...

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Holijay 1.0

Java library implementation.


Set Country - Combobox

This is an useful tool for all the web applications. This tool helps you in displaying the list of country names in the dropdown combo box. You can...


CountryListBox ASP.NET Web Control, lists countries and automatically detects country of visitors

CountryListBox ASP.NET Web Control, lists countries and automatically detects country of visitors is an interesting ASP.NET article which shows you...


Simple country dropdown component

This online tutorial is about a small project description in which the author explains about how a country or state dropdown component works in...


Mail List Management 2.0

Process enormous emails in seconds:Filter emails from remove-list.Plenty option to select (or delete) goal emails.Quick sort bulk emails by name,...

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Gaia Ajax for ASP.NET 3.6

Gaia Ajax comes with 30+ components and enables ASP.NET developers to create advanced and fast web applications using only C# or VB.NET.

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AJAX-ZOOM Image Gallery 1.1

AJAX-ZOOM is a powerful image zoom & pan gallery plugin based on jQuery and PHP. With over 250 options AJAX-ZOOM is very flexible and can be...

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State Based Rates 4.0

This shipping module allows you to create groups of country states(regions) and assign a shipping price to such a region.


AOL Contact List Grabber V 1.0

FAST AOL Contact List Grabber and Invitation System This is one of the most demanded modules for especially dating websites and web...

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TPolymorphic List 1.0

TPolymorphicList is a non-visual component with TList funcionality. Objects stored in this list can be saved/retrieved to/from streams. Stored...

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AJAX and JavaScript Barcode Generator 2007

Create barcodes in JavaScript & AJAX applications without installing additional fonts or other components. This pure JavaScript product contains...

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ASP.NET Ajax Chat 1.0

If you're looking for an easy to use yet extremely powerful Ajax chat solution, then ASP.NET Ajax Chat may be just what you're looking for. The...

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