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Airlines Reservation Web Project

Bullschmidt ASP Web Database Sample 2.0

A sample Web database can give you ideas about tying everything together and can even be used as a starting point for a Web project.Login and add,...


DotNetGenie 0.5 BETA

This is an application development tool which is especially built for .NET framework. This utility can be used by the web developers or programmers...


Php pro template 1

Why not buying the best template of your life / This template have so many features. First of all there is a powerfull search site which search to...


SiteAdmin Webware Development Kit 3.0

SiteAdmin Webware Development Kit - Ultimate XML driven web project deployement solution for webware developers.


WDK ASP_SearchEngine Object 1.V

SearchEngine ASP Class for arachnoWare SiteAdmin Webware Development Kit. Allows you to create enterprise Search Engine-like web site in one hour....


Web Project Database 0.1.3

Web Project Database is designed to handle web based software repository which is operated on PHP based websites. This tool enables you to manage...


Richfaces Maven Project Eclipse Plug-in 1.0.0.beta

Eclipse plug-in for Richfaces Web project with maven support.

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GBibWeb 1.0

GBibWeb (Global Bibliographical Information System on Web) project is hosted by Database Committee, the History of Science Society of Japan, and it...


GiveASens 1.0

GiveASens is a Semantic Web project that aims to provide a web tool, user friendly, to edit structured data following ontology structures.


TurtleScript 1.0

TurtleScript is a semantic web project to demonstrate the utility of including the Turtle RDF serialization in HTML files as a form of metadata.

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SCn EDU 1.0

SCn EDU semantic web project


Tomcat Deployer 1.3.0

An Eclipse plugin can be used to deploy web project to remote tomcat.

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Alveole Studio MVC Web Project 0.7.4

An eclipse plugin for graphically designing MVC j2ee web project.

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DevLab CMS 1.0

CMS for your web project!


AroA na 1.0

An simple web project management and requirement management application with quality and risks managing tools.


BeeF - BNCC Web Framework 1.0

BeeF is a Framework to build web project with PHP and MySQL.


Easy4j Web Application Framework 1.0

A real easy java web framework, which can be used for any web project development.


AnyGantt JS Gantt Charts 7.13.0

AnyGantt is a flexible, cross-platform and cross-browser JavaScript charting library that allows you to easily build smart HTML5 Gantt Charts and...

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Dropthings 1.6.0

Dropthings is an Ajax Web Portal built on Linq, Workflow Foundation and ASP.


Hosted GWT visual designer and sharing 1.0

Hosted Ajax Visual Designer for GWT - Google Ajax Web Toolkit.