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Aim Away Message Trick

Sharelor File Sender 2.0 2.0

It works like this: A user puts in the email destination of where he/she wants to send the file. He/She then selects his/her file that he/her wants...

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AEM RollingMessage 1.0

AEM RollingMessage is a 3D text messenger where your messages will tumble towards you. After a brief pause, the message will tumble away also. The...


Board Master

Give away free message boards to your surfers for a link back to a site of your choice. It supports unlimited message boards, admin controls to...


Earn-It Manager v1.3 v1.3

If you are giving away for free or selling something online then you need this script. It can allow you to offer anything to your visitors if they...


FallingLetterMessage 1.0

After the message is formed, the message fades away and another message begins. You can set texts, fonts, background images and much more in this...


Flame 3.0

You can use this applet to display text messages, which burns away on fire in your web pages one after another. The bottom flame appearing in this...



This program interacts with ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo and Jabber IMs. It features database message buffers, login, a contact list, and message...


Simple Mailing List 1.0

A mailing list script that has an extensive admin functions built-in and can be easily configured to use on your site. Doesn't need an SQL database...



A simple 3 file guestbook written in PHP. Lets visitors leave their name, email, aim sn, website, and a message. Easy to setup and customize.


Montezooma 2.1.002

jump and run arcade game. your purpose is to help Montezooma-warrior to reach his aim and to do away with the numerous monsters happening on his...

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TPJMessageDialog 2.2

This unit provides three customisable message dialog box components. Each component enables any of the standard Windows icons to be displayed in...

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ABF Outlook Backup 2.2

ABF Outlook Backup is a backup and synchronization tool for MS Outlook. It allows you to backup and restore your messages, address book, settings,...

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EventStudio Sequence Diagram Designer 2.5

EventStudio is a CASE tool for Sequence Diagram, Call Flow, Message Sequence Chart, Use Case and Process Workflows generation. EventStudio goes...

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ABF Outlook Express Backup 1.9

ABF Outlook Express Backup is a backup and synchronization tool for the popular Outlook Express mail client. It allows you to backup and restore...

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NetTalk Messenger 3.0

Application for message exchange between computers in local area network. It is cool alternative of WinPopup program included into Windows 95/98....

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Highlighter Ticker 2.0

Message HIGHLIGHTER 2.0 scans and highlights any message character by character. When done underlines it. Adjustables: Speed, Size, Background.

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AWeber's Autoresponder 1.0

Unlimited autoresponders. Unlimited personalized follow up messages.Unlimited message length, unlimited changes, and full integrated HTML creator...


Arpoon Checksum 1.6

Arpoon Checksum compute checksums of files. A checksum (message digest, hash value) is a kind of fingerprint that permit to identify a file or...

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I-Bill IT epayment control for Authorize.Net 1.0

This ecommerce component, I-Bill IT, provides programmatic access to the Authorize.Net API. I-Bill IT supports recurring billing (ARB) as well as...

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Network Assistant 4.5

Real-time network communication utility for the office environment, including channels-based chat, shared whiteboard, message board and instant...

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