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Advanced Contact Manager Personal

An Online Job Resume Recruiter 3.0

Omnistar Recruiter is a dynamic job recruitment software solution that gives you the ability to post job openings and collect applications with one...


Bamboo Prevalence: .NET Object Persistence Engine

This is an article that covers the details and functions of Bamboo Prevalence. Here the author describes that Bamboo Prevalence is an object...


CGI Factory

This group of script provides nineteen type of scripts built in CGI PERL. This script collections have a powerful news board which lets the...


CGI Form Maker 2.2

A form maker, contact manager and lead generator. Create order, contact, upload, feedback, and custom lead generation forms. Built in search...


Comdev Newsletter v2.0 2.0

Comdev Newsletter is the most advanced newsletter manager that lets you creating, maintaining multiple mailing lists easier than ever. / Most...


Evaria Email Client 3.0

Evaria Email Client is a simple software to contact with others through email. It is an advanced contact form script. It submits both text and...


Freemed YiRC 0.22b

The Freemed YiRC is a script which helps you in gathering data and also serves you as an electronic data exchange. The features include contact...


Omnistar Live

Omnistar Live is one of the best script available for customer support online with five major components - Live chat support, Help desk, Knowledge...


Password Administrator+ 4.0

Advanced account manager that automatically deactivates expired accounts, disables abused accounts, emails members when their account is about to...


Project Soft 3.V

Project Soft is a project managing solution that is highly customizable and integrable with many other products. This program has several features...


uSignIn 1.0

uSignIn makes it easy to track where people are in your organization. uSignIn allows employees to stay in touch using a standard web browser by...


WBContacts 1.0

This scripts provides an online contact manager that uses one table for information storage. Add, delete, list and modify entries.


Webexplorer Pro 2.III

WebExplorer Pro is an advanced file manager written in ASP which allows you to manage your remote files as easily as you do locally. You can...


PHP Address Book 3.1.3

PHP Address Book is a simple, web-based addressbook (contact manager, organizer).


Barracuda 1.0

Barracuda - a pcsc SIM contact manager developed for Linux.


uContact 1.0

uContact is an open source windows-based contact manager application.


Pimento 0.9.0

A Contact Manager similar to, Act!

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Biometric Handpunch Manager Enterprise 7.16.17

Biometric Handpunch h Manager allows you to manage all of your Handpunch devices in seconds.

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Blue Smiley Organizer 5.47

Blue Smiley Organizer is an open source online organizer.


OSI PHP Recruiting Software 5.0

Job board software to handle recruiting of new employees from your site.

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