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Advanced Configuration Tool

Advanced Genealogy Tool 2.0

Advanced Genealogy Tool is a multi-platform compatible Database tool that allows you to view and search an ancestor tree on a Website or home...


nconfig, config tool for .net 1.0

NConfig is a configuration tool for .


phpMyVisites | powerfull web stats analyser 1.III

phpMyVisites is a php/MySQL Web Traffic analyzer with very detailed reports and advanced graphics. It is NOT a apache log analysis tool because...


Alien Drop-down Menus ?

These are drop-down site navigation menus available in numerous themes and suitable for top bar navigation with the menu laid out horizontally...


Destination Creation's Internet search

With the help of this tool you can facilitate your visitors with an advanced search tool to query online from your site. You can earn money for...


Dundas Chart for.NET 4.0

This is an effective and advanced chart tool that adds data through / data wizard to plot the graph. This tool helps us to draw bar chart, column...


Happy Button-bar Menus

These are button-bar java menu applets available in numerous themes and suitable for a top bar navigation layout with the menu across the top of...


JCodeBox I.28

JCodeBox is an advanced development tool designed to assists software developers to implement predefined J2EE and java web applications on their...


NlsTree Pro 1.2 Multipurpose Javascript Tree 1.II

NLSTree is a high performance multipurpose cross browser tree view. Most of the tree view in the market are suitable for navigation purpose only...


Security for Downloaded Code

This is an article that deals with preserving downloaded codes. In this tutorial the author covers on several topics including default security for...


What is my IP Address

This is an advanced online tool designed especially for PHP based bulletin boards to help webmasters to find out the IP address and whois...


Eraser 5.6

Eraser is an advanced security tool, which allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with...

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SmartInspect Professional

SmartInspect is an advanced logging tool for debugging and monitoring .NET, Java and Delphi applications. It helps you to identify bugs, find...

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Tofigurator 20080818

The target of this project is to build easy, reliable, flexible and universal Java Configuration Tool.

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Pictool 1.0

Pictool (PIngtimeout Configuration Tool) helps developpers to create configurations and apply then to source files when needed.

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VCF Builder IDE 1.0

The VCF Builder is an advanced development tool for creating C++ applications, and supporting a wide number of plugins for enhancing it's...


IDS-Config 1.0

Configuration tool for IBM Informix-Dynamic Server, designed to probe the hardware environment and suggest an appropriate onconfig file.


Universal Explorer Plugin 1.0

Developing an universal activex that will have a Explorer GUI and a configuration tool which gives an intuitve way to connect to different...


Perl Application Build 1.0

Automated application and configuration tool targeted at Perl and Apache mod_perl.



ATOME: a deployment and configuration tool for component-based distributed real-time systems.