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Sage Knowledgebase/FAQ 1.0

Sage KB reduces support time by publishing answers to common questions. Support staff spend less time answering repetitive questions. Users can...


Fast Email Based Contact Form V 1.0

Fast Email Based Contact form is an absolutely FREE solution from It is easy to customize and easy to install script, admin...

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AOL Contact List Grabber V 1.0

FAST AOL Contact List Grabber and Invitation System This is one of the most demanded modules for especially dating websites and web...

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An Email Form Generator script 1.10

An Email Form Script is a great PHP script that can be used by anyone when a contact form has to be built. You can easily create a web form having...

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Syndikut - Mail Me Commercial 1

Syndikut Mail Me Commercial is an easy to edit flatfile php contact form packed with useful features.

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Version 2 of Contact Form on Note Paper

An updated version of Contact Form on Note Paper. A stylish contact form on note paper with handwriting style font.

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Tell a friend with contact importer 6.0

Tell a friend script with contact importer.

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Contact Form Generator script 3.2

Contact Form Generator script is an easy-to-use PHP script for creating contact and email forms. The script allows you to create different web...

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Contact Form PHP 1.0

Each website needs a contact form - Contact Form PHP script is very easy to install on your contacts page. Visitors to your website will be able to...

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Advanced Contact Manager Enterprise 2.47.114

Advanced Contact Manager is a simple contact management solution for your sales and technical support teams to keep track of your customers, open...

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Choose Your Recipient for Contact Us Page 1.3a 1.0

The modifcation creates a drop down list of email recipients for your contact us page.


Contact Us Email Subject 1.0

This contribution allows the customer to select a predefined email subject when submitting an email from the contact us page.


Contact us only for registered 1.0

This contribution will allow only registered users to use your contact us page/form.


Contact Us Spam Issue Fixes 1.4

This is a file containing many of the possible solutions to the Contact Us form abuse issue.


NullLogic Groupware 1.2.7

NullLogic Groupware is a multi-user web-based groupware package designed for contact management and event scheduling, which includes additional...


My Address Book 0.9.5

My Address Book is a simple web-based contact manager that lets an individual or a family manage their contacts from anywhere.


phpAbook 1.0

phpAbook is a simple address/contact management system that uses PHP and MySQL.


WebDex 0.23

WebDex is a simple contact management system, aka browser based rolodex.


NateOffice 0.5.0

NateOffice is a PHP-based flexible software package for contact management, project management, and team collaboration.

Freeware 1

TImagePlus & TDbImagePlus Features Built-in popup menu with cut/copy/paste//open/saveas//stretch/center/aspect It maintains the correct aspect...

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