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CGIMachine - Powerstat 1.00

Powerstat offers you the opportunity to create detailed statitics of your web visitors without the necessity of other log-files from your web...


discussion 2.0 beta2

This is asimple discussion board that uses PEAR for database independency and is a PHP script.The key featuirs of this board includes admin...


Free IP Ban Script 1.0

This PHP application is efficient script that can be used to prohibit certain people from your website. This program is very efficient in...


IPLocker 0.1

IPLocker - a PHP script that allows you to protect your important data and resources against any security violation attempts. / Many professionals...


MyAutoresponderPro Autoresponder 2.0

MyAutoresponderPro Autoresponder is a Unix compatible professional, full-featured autoresponder script that will help you to automate your daily...


pssSearch 2.5

Allow your users to search your site while simultaneously logging information valuable to your business (IP adress, time, search words/phrases)....


Get the MAC address of a remote computer 1.1

This script uses the Internet Protocol Helper functions on Win32 and helps you to find the MAC adress of a remote computer.


Die kleine Kotitz (The small Kotitz) 0.4.1

Adress managment via KDE/Qt and Mysql Database, specially for german non profit organisations (but can perhabs be used by others too)Many Adress...

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OpenAdress 0.0.1alpha

OpenAdress is a simple adress management software base on a sqlite database.

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Cummunity Manager 1.0

Web Based Adress managment via Mysql Database, specially for german non profit organisations (but can perhabs be used by others too) Many Adress...


TCapHelp 2.0

TCapHelp places a '?' button on the caption bar of the TForm that the component is placed on. It gives the same functionality as biHelp on a dialog...

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Delete Cookies 1.2

Delete Cookies is security software to remove all the traces of your online and offline activity: Internet Explorer cookies and cache, history,...

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MosAuthorXTD 1.0

This Mambot lets you create an individual string for the display of author, created, modified, usertype, section, category and hits.


BigBoos 1.4.1

BigBoos is one of the fully open source network monitoring system.


Address Book Converter 1.0

Address Book Converter (AB-Conv) will convert address book files between formats.


Group-Office 2.18stable21 1.0

Group-Office is a Groupware suite containing a base system and different modules.


Robs Procedures 1.0

Robs Procedures is a software to manage procedures depending on adresses.


Schau-Schaut 1.0

German: Schau-Schaut-projekt: ldt, organisiert und liest News die/ber Schau-Schaut-Filme (tempor: http://schauschaut.