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Resource Tuner 1.97

Resource Tuner can change the look of the icons, cursors, dialogs, buttons, sounds, animations and other elements of the Windows user interface by...

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Resource Tuner XP 1.81

Tune up the user interface of your program! With Resource Tuner you can view, extract, modify, translate, edit, or replace any selected Windows...

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a-Mac Address Change

Change your Mac Address in seconds! Scan Mac Address within any range of IP address. Exports the scanning results from a Mac Address Lookup list....

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SwisSQL - DBChangeManager 4.0

SwisSQL DBChangeManager is an affordable and easy-to-use tool for Comparison and Synchronization of Microsoft SQL Server database schema. It also...

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Program Icon Changer 6.1117

Change or extract icon of exe program. Replace folder icon!

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AttributeMagic Standard Edition 2.5

Utility allows users to view, rename, change.

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Active Directory Change Tracker 2.0

Active Directory Change Tracker audits all changes made to your Active Directory by periodically collecting only the changed data, reporting what...

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Change Admin and Moderator color 1.0.2

This MOD will enable you to change the font color of Administrators and Moderators through your ACP, without effecting any other colors that...


Using ADSI to change a NT password 1.0

This script gives an example on how to use Python COM to instantiate an ADSI object and change a NT user's password.


Change Language Automatically According to the Visitor Country 1.0.1

This simple code demonstrates how to change automatically site language, according to the visitor's country. If you implement this script in your...

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Change Image Properties 'On-The-Fly' 1.0.1

Sometimes you may need to change image properties 'on-the-fly'. The best example is when you want to display blog post short description, retrieve...

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TResourceAllocationChart 2.9

TResourceAllocationChart, like its name suggests, draws a chart suitable for showing the allocation of shared resources. Those resources could...


TAlphaPanel 1.0

The component TAlphaPanel allows cardinally to change appearance of the program, two layers and three kinds of a background (None, Image and...


Dezi skins collection 2.2

Dezi Skins collection is developed by the professional Design Studio for VCL libraries SkinEngine, KS development company. Skins can change...


SkinEngine 2.8.8

SkinEngine is an VCL library that allows you to dynamically change almost any aspect of the visual appearance your project's forms or controls....


ThemeEngine 2.8.8

ThemeEngine is an VCL library that allows you to change almost any aspect of the visual appearance your project's forms, menus and controls....


Object Inspector 1.3

Object Inspector is a component suite that contains inspectors allowing you to change anything in your application at runtime.



Etv Sort & Search 3.5

Changing of dataset sorting and search for records

TEtvDBSortingCombo component allows to change the order of records in the dataset,...


TExtDrive 1.00

Information about drives (name, volume, size, icon) with notification if disk system changed (remote disk, change CD-ROM

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TwtAutoEdit 1.0

When you drop wtAutoEdit on form all your edit controls will support Arrow key to change focus. Press Enter or Down Arrow : focus will be changed...