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Adobe S Pdf Library

ElegantJ PDF Library: Versatile Java Library for Dynamic Reports! 1.1

ElegantJ PDF Library is a Java™ class library, which generates PDF documents directly from a Java™ Component with an ability to generate dynamic...

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Quick PDF Library 7.18

Quick PDF Library is a powerful royalty-free PDF developer SDK - including a 500+ function API for use with ASP, ActiveX, VB, VB Script, C++, C#,...

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Quick PDF Library Lite 7.18

Quick PDF Library Lite is a completely free PDF SDK you can use to convert images to PDF, add links to the web, get and set document properties,...

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Big Faceless PDF Library 2.V

The Big Faceless PDF Library is a Java class library for creating PDF documents. The Extended Edition now offers the functionality to create and...


ElegantJBeans PDF Library

ElegantJBeans PDF Library is a powerful file manipulation software with which you can formulate printable dynamic and live business reports in PDF...


XCL - XDE's Component Library 1.0

XCL is XDE's Component Library, a GTK+ Based Object Pascal Component Library for GUI Development with FreePascal


Francois's Game Library 1.0

Francois's Game Library is an object-oriented library for 2D games.


The C# PDF Library 1.0

IronPdf is our Microsoft C# / .Net library making it easy for developers to generate PDF files from within desktop applications, server...

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PDFTechLib .NET PDF Library 1.7.38

Royalty free PDF Creation component software for .NET C#, VB.NET and ASP.NET developers.

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jPod intarsys PDF library

jPod is a rich PDF manipulation and rendering framework.

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Balthazar's Game Library 10112001

BGL is 100% assembler game library coded with NASM and linked with DJGPP (for the moment).

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Reportlab Pdf Library I.14

ReportLab products bring dynamic, content-rich PDF output to life. Our solutions generate PDF documents from any data source, as part of any...


Jim's Services Library 1.0

A Delphi library for manipulating services. Should work with at least Delphi versions 5 - 7, possibly others. Will not work with Kylix as it is...

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Patrick's Programming Library 6.4.11

A platform independent C++ library with functions and classes covering file handling, memory, strings, arrays, lists, trees, threads, sockets,...

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MTL- Mike's Template Library 1.0

C++ template library that is free to use.


Poor Man's Facebook Library 1.0

Simple to use Java library for using the Facebook API


Shumi's Network Library 1.0

C++ network library with implemented streams and events.


Fred Fish's dbug library 2.0.0

Excellent macro based library to see program flow, variables, timings, errors, warnings.

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Lozinski's CGI Library 1.0

A collection of some of the most common perl routines every perl programmer writes at one point. For example, a generic subroutine to parse form...


VB.Net PDF 4.4.7

Create, Edit and Extract Text and Image Content inside applications. Supports HTML, ASPX, CSS, and images. Tutorial converts HTML to PDF...

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