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Admision Software Database In Vb

AiS Watermarker ActiveX 3.IV

This ActiveX component for Win9X/NT/2k/XP helps you protect your images. You can superimpose a color or transparent watermark over them. This...


Forgotten Password WebUserControl

Forgotten Password WebUserControl is an ASP.NET application that can be integrated into users web site. This program has VB.NET project files and...


ASP Affiliate Software 4.0

Advanced ASP Affiliate Program Software available in Access/MS SQL database and includes: multi-level 7 tiers, downline/upline network tree with...


ASP Code Generation 1.0

This template facilitates the user to view the list of selected records in a datagrid from the selected table of a Microsoft SQL Server Database...


Class Frameworks in VB .NET

This is an easy to understand tutorial which gives you some tips for design and implementation of a class framework in VB.NET, and using resulting...


Developing ASP Components (2nd Edition)

Aimed at more experienced VB or C++ developers, Developing ASP Components, Second Edition gives plenty of advanced advice for creating and using...


Gold Fighter 1.III

Gold Fighter is an entertainment software built in PHP allowing users to play online E-gold games. This game program is enriched with several...


Guest Book Developed in ASP.NET

The main objective of this article is to describe about creating a guest book in VB.NET and ASP.NET. The author helps by telling about the creation...


PHPMyRing 3.0

This is a software written in PHP that uses MySQL database backend. This script is meant for creating webring on your website and thereby increase...


Statusbar Counter Pro

This is a powerful realtime counter software written in PHP. This program tracks every unique visitor, their IP address and their exact location...


Storing Database Connection String In Web.config

Storing Database Connection String In Web.config is an ASP.NET tutorial which gives you the method for storing the database connection strings in...


The 'Ins' and 'Outs' of Using Stored Procedures with Visual Basic .NET

The 'Ins' and 'Outs' of Using Stored Procedures with Visual Basic .NET is a tutorial which discusses about various information such as creating...


Using a flat-file database in Perl

Web developers often look for ways of speeding up the development process without spending thousands of dollars on additional software. This...


Working with MS Access Stored Procedures in VB.NET. Part 2

Working with MS Access Stored Procedures in VB.NET. Part 2 is a tutorial which helps you to learn about how to use the stored procedure that has...


dbDeveloper 2.06

dbDeveloper is a visual development tool for multiple databases. With the intuitive and powerful interface it allows you to explore, create and...

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DDBQ 1.1

Dynamic DataBase Queries (DDBQ) software is an application for creating dynamic database queries in a graphical user interface, for any...

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dbQwikSitePro (Sponsored) 2.5

dbQwikSITE creates E-commerce Sites, Catalogs & Lists from your database in seconds. Generates HTML, ASP or PHP web sites for viewing, searching,...

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ODP 2008 (Open Database Programming) 1.0

ODP 2008 is an open database programming language which is developed in VB.

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CpDB 1.0

This software allows us to create a relational database in postgres to host full bacterial genomes.

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LiMaTo Commons 1.0

LiMaTo Commons' goal is to easen php software development in providing class libraries like logging, database connection, captcha etc as...

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