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Address Auto Fill Ckeck Box

Address Auto-Fill Ckeck Box

This is an article that informs the users how to handle the address auto fill check box. This gives a check box option for the visitors to avoid...


2in1 Privacy Folder and Password Manager 8.3

PrivacyArea is a fast security software that have 2 components: Privacy folder, Manage and auto-fill Password. "Privacy Folder" can hide and...

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DBLookup ComboPlus 4.1

Advanced Quicken (R) Style Combo Box. Features: Incremental Search, Auto fill-in, Supports Master/Detail relationship in lookup table, Sorted List,...

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Automatic E-mail This Link

Automatically captures the title of the current page and the URL of the current page and sends them via the user's e-mail client to an address...


JAutoCombo 1.3.2

JAutoCombo is an auto-complete combo box for Java applications.

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Shipping Address Alert 1.0

This contrib follows a message from an angry customer who recieved their goods at the billing address and not the shipping address, just add 2...


Article Submitter Software

Article Submitter is the fastest and easiest way to get your articles posted on hundreds of article directories. Article submission can help you to...

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JV Firesale Automator

An all-in-one system that runs all your joint ventures on autopilot and makes you lots of money as you team up with your joint venture partners

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NetXtremeEmailVerifier Component 1.3

Detects invalid email through syntax validation, black list, white list and mail

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Shareware Tracker

Shareware Tracker is NOT an automated submission robot. Many shareware sites will not accept submissions from robot programs. They insist that you...

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Basic Meta Tags 1.1

Its based on the teori that simple metas with just the product name in them is the best, not necesserily my point of view mind you, but using this...


Auto Address Collector

Auto Address Collector gives the user to add them into the mailing list and this is done using perl. If only your hosting server supports Perl you...


Pandora's Box Auto-er 1.0

Trying to put mixed intelectual design to outdated bots thats still perform.


PO Box 1.3

This contribution will show the USPS shipping module based on wether PO Box is in the shipping address line.


Auto CGI Mail 1.IV

AutoCGI mail is used to create an email form processor. It is useful for webmasters to build their site with forms that helps their users to send...


Auto Classifieds PHP 4.0

The auto classifieds website allows car buyers to browse available properties for free. The property listings are detailed with features, photos,...


Auto Email Pro 5.0

Auto Email Pro is both Unix and Linux compatible full-featured web-based email program. It allows you to provide a fast and scaleable e-mail...


Auto Hits Trafffic Exchange

The Auto Hits Traffic Exchange is a script written using PHP and requires MySQL database. The members section is featured with adding URL, changing...


Auto-homepage 4.II

Auto-homepage is Unix compatible. Members can design their own start page on your site within minutes. This means that every time they click...


Automatic E-mail This Link Script With Auto-Capture and Validation

Automatic E-mail This Link Script With Auto-Capture and Validation is an useful utility that can be used to capture URL and title on the web pages....