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Adding Web Cam Interaction To A Web Page

FM SiteSearch Pro 2.0

A simple solution to adding professional search capability to a web site. Comes with a relevance engine, control panel, large web site support,...


iPer Easy Web Editor STD 3.0.8

Easy and complete tool for Web authoring. Optimized to act on page sets, instead pages, offers powerful, easy, fast environment to edit sites or...

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Paleta 1.0

Paleta is a general purpose log/diary/news program that can optionaly export your entries to a HTML page (using templates).


Xcess Color Picker .Net 1.0.2 Server Control for adding visual color selection to your web sites.

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Ace Day Of The Week Redirect

Use this code snippet to redirect your visitors to the web page that matches the day of the week. Now you can send users to a different page for...


ASPLogin 2000

ASPLogin provides user authentication and management for Active Server Page (ASP) based web sites and applications. ASPLogin uses an ActiveX server...


Contact Form Generator 1

Our email form generator is an application that is written in PHP which enables you to create an online form that send the result to your email...


Controlled Access Upload 1.50

This script allows users to upload files to a web server via their browser. Includes restricted access via login name and password, optional upload...


Cow Time 1.0

Cow Time is multi-platform compatible. This is just a simple script that when called, places a clock on your page. You just call the script and...



crypt.cgi is a user management program where webmasters can manage users through a web based interface. Only authenticated visitors having valid...


Display Server Variables

Display Server Variables is a simple script that helps the programmers to read their site visitors system details like operating system, browser,...


Displaying Custom Error Pages

Using the web.config XML file in ASP.NET, the users could change and save the configuration settings, this is what explained in this tutorial. The...


Dynamically adding web controls to a web form

Dynamically adding web controls to a web form is an article through which ASP.NET programmers can learn more about constructing the programme in...


GN Commenter 0.82

An include script that allows visitors to add their name and comments to a web page and view others' comments. Can be modified to be a guestbook or...


HOW TO: Add ASP.NET Server Controls to a Web Form and Change Their Properties

HOW TO: Add ASP.NET Server Controls to a Web Form and Change Their Properties is a tutorial through which users can get idea about adding the...


HTML 4 for the World Wide Web, Fourth Edition: Visual QuickStart Guide

A tutorial for novices and a reference for experienced users, featuring step-by-step instruction, tips, troubleshooting advice, and a visual...


HTML Quick Edit Bar 1.III

HTML Quick Edit Bar is a freeware toolbar for Microsoft Internet Explorer that allows / you to edit the current HTML page within the browser...


Image Preloader 1.0

With Image Preloader JavaScript you can enable your webpage to automatically download the images that the users specifies onto the visitor?s web...


Introduction to Web Forms Pages

Introduction to Web Forms Pages is a web based tutorial which will be helpful for the ASP.NET beginners to learn about the basic of web forms pages...


iPaid 4 Clicks

A) Features: / ? Built-In Members Email Verification System / Members Email Addresses will be verified upon joining and whenever the verified email...