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Add Data From Text Field To Data Source


This script is generated by using ASP.NET application. By using this component the web owners can allow their site visitors to replace their...


Data Binding in WebControls

Data Binding in WebControls is a web based tutorial in which the author gives information about the method to support databinding in web control...


Filemaker To Mysql Migration 1.23

This Perl DBD::ODBC/DBD::mysql script was automatically generated error-free by FmPro Migrator running on MacOS X. This script runs on Windows in...


FX.php 2.3.2001

FX.php is written using PHP script. It is used to get your data from FileMaker Pro to the internet using the XML output. To publish your data on...



MyAccessAdmin allows developers to easily set up an admin. It needs to be uploaded and then configured through a browser by adding DSN's, tables,...



This is a chart and ticker applet that can read data from text file and scroll them vertically on web pages. Users can customize ticker fonts,...


PHP-TextDB API 0.2.2

TXT-Db-API normally utilized by the users to access data from text files. This script is equipped with more customization facilities to create...


Professional News Ticker Builder

This is a news ticker generating software that can create news ticker automatically. Users can use this software to scroll the text vertically....


Tips for transfering data from a form to database

The presentation starts with few rules to be followed before adopting the new method to transfer data from a form to database. The author clearly...


DB Copy Eclipse Plugin 0.1.8

Migrate data from any database to another with just selecting visually the desired tables in the source database (any database type supported by...

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ConvertData 1.20

ConvertData is designed to convert structured data from one form to another.

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dOPC 1.44

dOPC is a Delphi, C++ Builder 100% VCL component to create OPC DA Clients.
This easy to use component enables the user to control, browse, read...


CopyDatabase 1.1

This utility can be used to copy Tables and Data from one database to another database.

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Build XML Data-Driven Web Solutions

Learn how to build live XML data-driven Web solutions by editing and presenting live XML data on the Web, making the data available for easy, wide...


Cliff's Form Mailer 1.0

Flexible script that mails the posted data from a form to you. Can be set to send an auto-response.


Connect Xml-2-db 1.0

Connect XML-2-DB is a database middleware package that provides a powerful, database independent mechanism for transforming and moving data from...


Data Access 1.II

Data Access is an ASP.NET component which is helpful for the web users who uses ASP.NET based web applications that allows them to access data from...


DB2ASP 4.3.2004

DB2ASP is a powerful database tool used to convert data from any databases to Active server pages. Databases supported by this tool are, Oracle,...


DeKlarit 3.I

This is a program that can be used by the users to create and manage the business framework of database driven .NET applications. This program has...


End-to-End Encryption

End-to-End Encryption is an applet designed for secure e-commerce on the Internet. This applet can securely transfer data from one point to its...